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This is the first album by one of Syria’s most popular instrumental bands. The leader and clarinet player Kinan Azmeh is a graduate of the famous Juilliard School of music, and the only Arab musician to have received the first prize at the Rubinstein competition. The band also includes oud player and conductor of the Oriental Orchestra Issam Rafea and soprano Dima Orsho. Their music is a “dialogue” (Hewar) between jazz, classical and oriental music .

Bringing together an amazingly diverse array of musical influences, and drawing from a variety of musical traditions—namely Arabic, jazz, scat, opera and classical music; is what makes Hewar a truly unique venture. The band, building on the acclaimed individual talents of its members, juxtaposes and meshes these styles to create a truly one-of-a-kind genre-defying musical experience.


Issam Rafea, Dima Orsho, Simon Mreach, Khaled Omran, Badi Rafea, Kinan Azmeh

The band includes clarinet player Kinan Azmeh, Oud soloist Issam Rafea, and lyrical Soprano Dima Orsho, all of whom are alumni of the Syrian National Orchestra. They live in various parts of the world, however, which enhances the band’s cultural medley of influences and musical tastes.
Hewar released their first album in 2005 in Beirut and Damascus; it was produced by Incognito. The latter also released the band’s next album, ‘9 Days of Solitude’, in 2007; it was recorded in collaboration with three distinguished musical guests: Manfred Leuchter, Steffen Thormahlen and Antoine Puetz.

Featuring: Kinan Azmeh – Clarinet | Issam Rafea – Oud, Vocals | Dima Orsho – Vocals | Badi Rafea – Percussions | Simon Mraych – Drums | Khaled Omran – Double bass
Music: Kinan Azmeh (2,6,7,8) | Issam Rafea (1,3,4) | Ghanem Haddad (5)


Track List:
1 – Departure Issam Rafea رحيل
2 – Evening Kinan Azmeh مساء
3 – Project Issam Rafea مشروع
4 – Loquacity Issam Rafea ثرثرة
5 – Dance Ghanem Haddad رقصة
6 – Prayer (Tribute to Edward Said) Kinan Azmeh صلاة
7 – Rituals Kinan Azmeh طقوس
8 – Ink Kinan Azmeh حبر

Duration : 64:22 | Bitarte : 224 kBit/s | Year : 2005 | Size : 111 mb

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