Kamila Kostur – Jutro

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Kamila Kostur – Jutro

JUTRO in Polish language means “tomorrow”; in my personal musical language, from now on, JUTRO should mean “The Language of Tomorrow”. That’s to celebrate this beautiful work, entirely composed and performed by Kamila Kostur, vocalist and violin player from Poland actually working based in Rome . From years and years, we all comprehend the urgency to communicate with people of different languages and cultures, so that human society tried to elevate existing languages to an universal use or create mixes of words from several languages (I’m thinking to the failed experience of Esperanto). One further possible solution is art as language, an ancestral but even future global patrimony.

“Jutro” is Kamila Kostur’s way, 12 vocal composition telling stories with no words, directly touching soul, adrenaline for audience creativity, the best of communication way…”
by E. Bjorkstrand

Track List :

  1. jutro (04:07)
  2. spektrum (02:26)
  3. innà (04:34)
  4. pomojemu (02:05)
  5. nie (01:42)
  6. esp (07:18)
  7. arunk (02:58)
  8. ayo (03:34)
  9. hen daleko (03:26)
  10. kotou (02:31)
  11. jupi (02:52)
  12. epylog (03:00)


Jutro is the 4th production of HOMEZERO, a copyleft art project.

You can download this work from the producer’s website at

Duration : 40:33 | Bitarte : 256 kBit/s  | Size : 70 mb

Download From Mediafire 4shared

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