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Abeer Nehme - 2009 - Aroma of My Prayers عبير نعمة – عبير صلاتي

Abeer Nehme is the living voice of Syriac Lebanon. She is the carrier of our Syriac heritage, and with this album she revisits our liturgical Christian hymns. Each song is breathtaking, not to mention refreshing after wading through so much inferiority in our current Lebanese musical scene, especially the mainstream pop craze. For anyone who wants to explore the Syro-Aramaic language through music, this is definitely a starting point.

Abeer Nehme  (born 19 May 1980) is a Lebanese singer and a musicologist. She performs traditional Tarab music, Lebanese traditional music, Rahbani music, and sacred music from the Syriac-Maronite, Syriac-Orthodox, and Byzantine traditions. In 2009, she joined Jean-Marie Riachi for the album Belaaks. The song “Belaaks” (on the Contrary) is a duet with Ramy Ayach and is an oriental jazz arrangement of “Quizás, quizás, quizás” in the Lebanese dialect.

Abeer has been referred to as “The All Styles Specialist” because of her talent in performing dialogues between different styles of music with her amazing voice: Oriental modal traditional styles, Lebanese styles, Syriac-Aramaic religious ethnic style, Greek Byzantine religious style and Opera and modern western styles.

Abeer is a Qanun player (an oriental traditional instrument) and earned a bachelor degree with the highest ever earned grade in oriental singing from the USEK University (Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik). She was a student of Ms. Aida Chalhoub, director of the oriental music program at USEK. Her renown exceeded quickly the Lebanese audience to reach the Arab then the Greek and the Syriac international audiences.

As a professional in ethnic old music, Abeer interpreted, amongst other interpretations, a complete album of traditional Orthodox Syriac chants (a dialect of Aramaic) with the Syrian National Philharmonic Orchestra under the patronage of the Syriac Patriarch of Antioch, his Holiness Moran Mor Ignatios Zakka Iwas II.

As an Oriental modern singer, this elegant performer played the leading role in various musical plays. Abeer participated as an honored guest amongst major superstars in international festivals throughout the world, and performed as a soloist in several concerts accompanied by various International Philharmonic Orchestras among which the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Greece, Germany, Egypt, Tunisia etc. “Abirou Salati” (Aroma of my prayer) is a spiritual journey through different styles of music; from the old music traditions of the fathers of the church, traditions of prayer and profound spiritualism, to the modernism of the people of God in the twenty first century, a modernism of grandiosity and majesty.


  1. Aboun Dbachmayo (Syriac Orthodox) (02:02)
  2. Shlom Lekh Mariam (Syriac Maronite) (00:59)
  3. Kayfa Li (Soufi) (03:23)
  4. Salati Ilayka (Maronite) (02:58)
  5. Hati Yadayki (Panorama) (05:21)
  6. Ayyatouha l Ghamamatou (Maronite) (03:14)
  7. Al Tareyk Ito (Syriac Orthodox) (03:13)
  8. Epeskepsato Imas (Syriac Orthodox) (02:11)
  9. Yechou (Syriac Orthodox) (04:22)
  10. Voghtchoon Kez (Armenian) (03:18)
  11. Salamon Laki (Maronite) (04:02)
  12. Rafca (Accapella) (03:30)
  13. Rabbi Takabbal (Lebanese) (07:31)
  14. Ikhdarra Wajhou I Ard (Polyphonic) (04:17)
  15. Dekhlet Faghrokh (Syriac Maronite) (02:25)
  16. Magdaliyyat al Kyama (Maronite) (07:23)
  17. Aboun Dbachmayo (Live) (Syriac Orthodox) (02:00)

Duration : 62:06 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2009 | Size : 128 mb

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