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Adonis - 2011 - Daw L Baladiyyi أدونيس - ضو البلديّة

The group which started in 2010, was brought together by a song “In the beginning it was Melhem Barakat’s ‘Hamama Bayda’ – this song connected me with Joey (guitarist),” says Anthony (lead vocalist/keyboardist) “then, we decided to jam together. Soon thereafter, Fabio (bassist) and Nicola (drummer) joined the band. They shared our love fondness for Arabic music – Asmahan to Haifa and everything in between.”

And what materialized of those sessions got the guys started on their road to success “we posted some tracks online which we received great feedback” and the upward trajectory hasn’t stopped for the guys.

The band’s music is very reminiscent of old classical Arabic compositions, as Anthony explains “We are very inspired by the classical Arabic music repertoire [such as Al Qasabji and Abdul Wahab] where changes of scales, rhythms and tempos were abundant within the space of one composition. We found in those abrupt turns and twists reflection of the tensions and contradictions that shape our city – one of the main themes of our first disc.”

The band’s lyrics on “Daw il Baladiyyi” are interestingly reminiscing of Beirut’s tangible soul as Anthony explains “Our first CD was very ‘architectural’ in its references. Streetlights, rooftops and sidewalks were the protagonists of our stories,” adding we might be in for something different on the road ahead, “the second disc, which we’re halfway through recording, witnesses a withdrawal of tangible things and places. My (Anthony’s) lyrics have come to deal more with characters, relationships, and personal aspirations.”

Being an independent band in the regional music scene has never been easy – but it sure has helped create a more broad and diverse musical atmosphere “We regard the ‘underground’ as a laboratory, where new formulas are written, ingredients mixed and sounds tested, and the underground scene as the cultured bunch that’s interested in witnessing the process, and being part of the experiment,” but sagely observing “but, if a product stays underground, and does not see the light, then, ultimately, it has failed.”

So what’s the balance? “We are able to do music the way we like it, to be stubborn about our ideals, and to refuse to be packaged. But, eventually our goal is to have our music reach the widest audience possible.”

It’s interesting to note the professional backgrounds of the band members – they all come from the design world. That becomes increasing clear with their usage of visual mediums – explains Anthony “We are lucky to come from that [background]. That helped us understand the vitality and power of even the smallest visual details, like the saturation of a picture we post on facebook or the size of type on a poster. In addition, our lyrics are very rich in descriptions and spatial references. So, we have always been approached by directors, artists, and designers who were inspired to work with us.”

And what’s the band up to now? “One particular high moment that we’ve had recently was at the video shoot of our new single ‘Fi Zini Ktir’. The video directed by Jad Shweiry, included a dozen of Lebanon’s hottest faces in the fields of art, fashion, music, design and TV,” adding “all who showed up to participate in the shoot, answering the director’s concept of having these ‘mainstream’ celebrities lip-synch to an ‘alternative’ band’s song. Seeing them jump around to the song, learn it, sing it and genuinely express admiration and encouragement was a great boost for us!”

It is indeed remarkable that we are witnessing a change in attitude towards not only music, but popular culture in general, and it seems Adonis are ready to ride that wave “There is a new soundtrack to our cities that being created [all around the Middle East]. This soundtrack represents educated, critical and free-thinking Arab youths, who are now rejecting the obsolete product of commercial local pop, and are seeking a new voice to represent their generation. We [Adonis] are happy and proud to be part of that ‘new voice’. There’s a great spirit and amazing talents in the scene, and we expect a much bigger progress in the years to come.”

source : Music Talk: Adonis


  1. Ajnabiyyi (أجنبية (03:18
  2. Stouh Adonis (سطوح أدونيس (04:42
  3. Daw L Baladiyyi (ضو البلديّة (02:29
  4. Sawt L Madini (صوت المدينة (03:12
  5. Daw L Baladiyyi (2) (ضو البلديّة (00:33
  6. Ma Kan Mafroud (ماكان مفروض (03:21
  7. Aman Aman (آمان آمان (03:21
  8. Chajret el Jararank (شجرة الجررنج (03:33
  9. Awaat (أوقات (03:45
  10. Chbabik (شبابيك (03:00
  11. Ma Endi Fekra (ماعندي فكرة (04:58

Duration :36:12 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year :2011 | Size : 103 mb

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