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Anas & Friends - 2011 - Shi Yom شي يوم

It started in 2002 when guitarist Anas Abd Al-Moumen wrote a few songs combining spoken Arabic “Syrian” Accent with Rock music. Throughout several trials that the band did on performing the songs the Idea of Anas & Friends came as the band that will introduce these songs using several vocalists in each album.
The real kick start was in 2006 through the concert in which the band performed songs of “Mahjour” the album that the band released in Syria as Anas & Friends debut album. “Mahjour” included 8 tracks one of them was an instrumental that had the album name.
After releasing “Mahjour” the band performed in several major cities in Syria, these performances helped spread the band songs although they were different from the main stream music in Syria as the band popularity began to grow especially among the youth who found in “Mahjour” songs that express the Arabic youth in general and the Syrian youth in particular after the album was distributed in neighbor countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.
Through songs, the band introduces a different listening experience through the many artists involved and especially the vocalists in each album alongside guitarist Anas Abd Al-Moumen which allows more variety and adds more color to the final production of the band in general frame that gives the production its unique lyrical and musical character.
In 2011 the band released their second album “Shi yom” which included 10 songs also combining rock music with spoken Arabic-Syrian accent. The album featured artist who sang and played in “Mahjour” beside artists featured in Anas
& Friends for the first time in order to stress the band concept in variety and to allow more inputs from various young talents.
For Anas & Friends continuity is the major challenge; however, the fact that “Friends” in Anas & Friends is spreading day after day not only to include fellow musicians but to also include people that started with the band as fans and now share their thoughts and inputs about each and every detail in the band productions, makes continuity a fact.


  • Anas Abd Almoumen: Guitars – Vocals  أنس عبد المؤمن
  • Joseph Terterian: Vocals جوزيف طرطريان
  • Lynn Adib: Vocals لين أديب
  • Youmni Abulzahab: Vocals يمني أبو الذهب
  • Omar Harb: Bass guitar عمر حرب
  • Mazen Chuman: Drums مازن شومان
  • Hazem Alani: Piano – Keyboards حازم العاني
  • Yamen Alyamani: Bass guitar / Chello يامن اليماني


  1. Trkony Bhali (تركوني بحالي (03:19
  2. byba’ (بيبقى (04:23
  3. Ghnyet Hob (غنية حب (02:56
  4. Haki (حكي (04:05
  5. Ya Sbyeh (ياصبية (03:52
  6. Shfaf (شفّاف (03:28
  7. Tanjara (طنجرة (03:04
  8. Amara (قمرة (03:03
  9. Soti (صوتي (04:12
  10. Shi Yom (شي يوم (04:00

Duration : 36:20 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s  | Year : 2011 | Size : 88 mb

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