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Djivan Gasparyan & Erkan Ogur - 2001 - Fuad

Before the heart, there was time. Then the miracle occured. The heart came into being. With the command, the beat began. The first blow and the substance shakes with “Fuad” the inital moment of life where movement is born.
“Fuad” is power, sound and rhthym. The heart begins life zealously, beating fast… Speeds up, slows down ; gets high, gets down. Desire, fear, love, joy, sorrow, music,ecstacy, shock, fatigue, attack, disease, halt and restart.

Then a signal to the substance, and comes the moment of ceascing… “”Fuad””. From the minute infinity to the magnanimous one, from nothing to being, “Fuad” commences the universe. There, neither the first nor the last can be defined. Absolute being is the sole reality. Before the heart, the moment of the heart, after the heart; this is the question. There are moments when the heart is broken, that’s the instance that break “Fuad”. The happiest moment of the heart is “Fuad”. It sees, hears, touches, tastes, smells, loves, discerns, feels with “Fuad”. And we think with “Fuad”.

The talent we have and the talents we can never discover are “Fuad”. Logic is formed at the heart, and might be cruel or loving as granted. “Fuad” is in the service of matter, whether human or not, known or unknown, and whether will be discovered, be it living or non-living. Yearning for “Fuad” is a gift to the dreams of humanity.


Erkan Ogur

Erkan Oğur (born 1954) is a Turkish musician. A pioneer of fretless guitars, he invented the first fretless classical guitar in 1976. A composer, he has influenced many musicians with his compositions combining the sounds of Turkish folk music, classical music with the ancient traditional music. He has played many concerts all over the world. He is regarded as a master of the kopuz and bağlama lutes.

Djivan Gasparyan_600

Djivan Gasparyan (born 1928) is an Armenian musician and composer. He plays duduk, an Armenian double reed woodwind instrument related to the orchestral oboe. Gasparyan is widely known as the Master of the duduk.


01 – Yemen (08:39)
02 – Siresi Yarisdaran (09:10)
03 – Volor Molor (09:35)
04 – Yes Pucur Yaris Pucur (01:48)
05 – Fuad (06:36)
06 – Perde Kalkti (06:11)
07 – Siyah Perçemlerin Gonca Yüzlerin (04:42)
08 – Mayrig (07:44)
09 – Lorik (02:47)
10 – Dönüs Yolu (02:14)

Duration: 57:14 | Bitrate: 320 kBit/s | Year: 2001 | Size: 142 MB

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