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Keyvan Chemirani & Dorsaf Hamdani & En Chordais & Juan Carmona - 2012 - Melos (Mediterranean Songs)

The band project Melos was organized and brought together by Iranian born percussionist Keyvan Chemirani who invited a meeting point for traditional music for some Tunisian, Greek and also a few flamenco musicians. While all three groups have the Mediterranean seas in between them, their musical sensibilities and traditions still differ a lot.

For Keyvan he sees the meeting points in a much wider area and context, in this project is not simply looked for the gypsy trails, brought over from India over Persia towards the Middle East, Northern Africa and Spain, this world of traditions taken is from much later contexts. It only became like another reconsideration of confrontation between these worlds starting from what has been remembered for each group and territory as a basic sensibility of foundations in rhythm and melody without all the complexity of bigger structures or contexts. This meeting point is made much more direct with each conditioned voice, as to meet again in a new common place for recognition with all these basic elements gathered and having become one with them. Each voice is left to show its own language in its own minimized form. Certain areas are more easy to start from to adapt to with the other musicians to sing or interpret in their own style, to feel the rhythms in their own way and to play the tunes as they themselves understand it. This sort of meeting point is very direct, as something that should be experienced live, where you can see how an Arab voice isn’t really too different in essence from a Greek or flamenco voice, and how certain rhythms can be embedded into one another.

There are common keys and modes possible, and there are even worlds of ideas that have a couple of foundations in common. There has not really been created a new fusion or a crossover world, this is only a meeting point of basics of traditions. Perhaps only the Spanish flavors are most contrasting, as they are well adapted to the new whole. I think the video introduction shows the band’s idea and meeting point with its effect to the listeners best.

درصاف الحمداني مغنية تونسية تمتلك صوتا عذبا ، قوي نقيٌ ممتلئ بالقدرةِ المتكاملة لأداء أصعب الألحان والقصائد والتي تصعب على الكثير من مغني هذا الزمن، تُصرّ على الغناء للكبار الذين مروا على الساحةِ الغنائية العربية في فترتها الذهبية لتحافظَ على تواجدهم ولترد الجميلَ لما قدموه من الفن الراقي، لها تجاربُ عديدة في الغناء أمام الجمهورِ بأشكالهِ الكلاسيكية والطربية والمسرحِ الغنائي والإنشاد الصوفي، فرضت نفسَها على المشهد الغنائي العربي كفنانةٍ تُقدمُ الأصالة َ والرقي..
وهي باحثة في علوم الموسيقى ومطربة غنت التراث التونسي والفن العربي الأصيل في مناسبات عديدة في تونس و خارجها (مصر، اسبانيا، فرنسا، اليونان، هولندا، الكندا، لبنان وغيرها).
درصاف ترنو دائما الى الغناء للكبار فقط و الموشحات و الأغاني الصوفية التي يصعب غنائها


  • Keyvan Chemirani (France/ Iran) : direction musicale et percussions
  • Dorsaf Hamdani (Tunisie) : chant
  • Mohammed Rochdi M’farredj (Maroc) : kanun
  • Mohamed Lassoued (Tunisie) : violon
  • Drossos Koutsokostas (Grèce) : chant
  • Kyriakos Kalaitzidis (Grèce) : oud
  • Kyriakos Petras (Grèce) : violon
  • Periklis Papapetropoulos (Grèce) : saz, bulgari
  • Juan Carmona (Espagne) : guitare
  • El Kiki (Espagne) : chant
  • Bandolero (Espagne) : percussions


  1. Ouverture (07:03)
  2. Une Histoire de l’Exil (08:01)
  3. Namas (06:50)
  4. Karsilamas (04:34)
  5. Hommage a Ibn Arabi (05:36)
  6. Louanges (04:37)
  7. Turkish Melos (04:31)
  8. Suite Tunisienne (08:14)
  9. Gallop (07:44)
  10. Ta Poulia (05:29)

Duration : 62:36 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2012 | Size : 186 mb

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