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Rony Barrak & Michel Fadel - Karizma [Chillout - Dance] روني براك و ميشيل فاضل - كاريزما

Rony Barrak: percussion

Rony Barrak is a Lebanese percussionist popularly known for his skill in Darbouka performance.

Rony is regarded as one of the greatest darbouka players in the world. His finger speed and rhythmic accuracy allow him to emulate even the sound of rapid snare drum rolls with his fingers alone.

Rony held his Darbouka at the tender age of four and began playing it intuitively. At the age of seventeen, he surged into the world of music by winning the Golden Medal at a televised competition for young talented musicians in Lebanon and the Middle East, this achievement gave him the chance to unleash the Darbouka from the chains of its long standing traditional context.

He has been involved (recording and performing) with great international figures such as Jaz Colman, Vanessa Mae, bond, Talvin Singh, Don Grusin, Dave Grusin, Antonio Forcione, Alex Acuna, Abraham Laboriel, Fairuz,and a world tour with Sarah Brightman “REM” in 2004.

Blending the Middle Eastern traditional music and the Western flavors, he became a versatile percussionist gaining his appeal as one of the world’s leading Darbouka players, he produced his own Debut Album entitled ARAMBA in 1999 followed by KARIZMA, his second Album, in 2003. His new CD is a growing project in process under a continuous evolution in Darbouka.

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Rony Barrak

Michel Fadel: piano

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1 – The Crossing (03:57)
2 – Beirut Fever (04:55)
3 – Serenia (03:23)
4 – Ya Laure 7obboky (02:39)
5 – Across The Channel (04:36)
6 – Elissa (04:17)
7 – Zajal (05:38)
8 – London Paris London (03:40)
9 – Wild Wild East (04:05)

Duration : 37:05 | Bitarte : 192 kBit/s | Year : 2005 | Size : 55 mb

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