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Souad Massi–2010 - O Houria (Liberty)

Track List :

  1. Samira Meskina (04:02)
  2. Tout Reste A Faire (04:56)
  3. Kin Koun Alik Ebaida (04:09)
  4. O Houria (03:54)
  5. Nacera (03:37)
  6. Une Lettre a Si H’med (03:41)
  7. Tout Ce Que J’Aime (03:48)
  8. Khabar Kana (03:55)
  9. Enta Ouzahrek (02:58)
  10. Stop Pissing Me Off (02:37)
  11. Un Sourire (03:57)
  12. Let Me Be In Peace (02:58)

Duration : 44:31 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2010 | Size : 104 mb

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Souad Massi - 2005 - Honeysuckle (Mesk Elil) سعاد ماسي – مسك الليل

Souad Massi (born August 23, 1972), is an Algerian singer, songwriter  and guitarist. She began her career performing in the Kabyle political rock  band Atakor, before leaving the country following a series of death threats. In 1999, Massi performed at the Femmes d’Algerie concert in Paris, which led to a recording contract with Island Records.

Massi’s music, which prominently features the acoustic guitar, displays Western musical style influences such as rock, country or the Portuguese fado but sometimes incorporates oriental musical influences and oriental instruments like the oud as well as African musical stylings. Massi sings in Algerian Arabic, French, and occasionally English and Kabyle (Berber language), often employing multiple languages in the same song.

In 1999, Massi was invited to perform at the Femmes d’Algerie (“Women from Algeria”) festival in Paris, which led to a recording contract with Island Records.  In June 2001, she released her solo debut album, Raoui (“Storyteller”), which Allmusic  compared to 1960s American folk music.  Sung mostly in French and Arabic, the album became a critical and commercial success in France. The following year, she was nominated for “Best Newcomer” at the Radio 3 World Music Awards.
In 2003, she released her second album, Deb (“Heartbroken”). The album’s lyrics were more personal, rather than political, and it became one of the most successful North African albums worldwide. Three years later, Massi released her third album, Mesk Elil (“Honeysuckle”). The album expanded on the themes of love and loss that had been explored on Deb, and featured duets with Daby Toure and Rabah Khalfa.

Until only a few years ago, a lot of people thought Algeria boiled down to rai, musically speaking of course. No one expected a young female singer songwriter with a style closer to Joni Mitchell than Chaba Fadela to emerge from the burbs of Algiers and take the world by storm.
Souad Massi grew up listening to black American soul, flamenco, hard rock and country & western, which she discovered courtesy of films like ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ and other westerns. Having endured the privations and tensions of Algeria in the 1990s, a decade when a bitter civil war between an army backed dictatorship and fundamentalist militias claimed over 100,000 lives, Souad came to Paris in 1998 to perform at a festival called ‘Femmes d’Alger’. Her show at the Cabaret Sauvage was a revelation for the unexpectant audience and a huge relief for Souad, a loosening of a pressure valve that had remained tightly closed during the last years of her life in Algiers.
She went on to release a widely-acclaimed debut CD, ‘Raoui’, which showcased her remarkable talent for writing songs that were simultaneously melodic, highly emotional and uncompromisingly relevant. In 2002 Souad followed it up with ‘Deb’, one of the most successful North African albums ever. Courage, talent, intelligence and beauty are always a seductive mix. Souad Massi has them all.
Courtesy of Andy Morgan, July 2004

Souad Massi Videos and Lyrics

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Track List:
1 –  Honeysuckle (Mesk Elil) (05:18)
2 –  Soon (Kilyoum) (03:31)
3 –  Inspiration (Ilham) (03:48)
4 –  I Won’t Forget My Roots (Miwana) (04:06)
5 –  My Grandfather’s House (Dardjedi) (05:30)
6 –  That’s Life (Denya Wezmen) (04:49)
7 –  Tell Me Why (03:33)
8 –  There’s Worse (Hagda Wala Akter) (05:04)
9 –  Let Me (Khalouni) (03:31)
10 –  Why Is My Heart Sad (Malou) (06:08)
11 –  Mahli Remix (07:03)
12 –  Ilham Remix(Mino Cinelu Fast Version) (04:13)
13 –  Ilham Remix(Mino Cinelu Slow Version) (04:34)

Duration : 61:07 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2005 | Size : 144 mb

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Souad Massi - 2001 – Raoui سعاد ماسي - راوي

Album: Raoui
Artist: Souad Massi
Counrty: Algeria

souad massi سعاد ماسي

Track List:
01 –  Raoui [The Storyteller](03:47)
02 –  Bladi [My Country] (03:38)
03 –  Amessa [A Day Will Come](03:45)
04 –  Tant pis pour moi [Too Bad For Me] (03:07)
05 –  Hayati [My Life](04:09)
06 –  Nekreh el kelb… [I Hate This Heart That Loves You Still] (04:34)
07 –  Denya [The Earth] (03:22)
08 –  Khsara Aalik [It’s a Pity] (04:44)
09 –  Rani Rayha [I’m Leaving] (04:47)
10 –  J’ai pas le temps [I Don’t Have The Time] (04:05)
11 –  Awham [illusions] (04:25)
12 –  Lamen [Trust] (04:52)
13 –  Enta Dari [You Know] (03:45)
14 –  Matebkiche [Don’t Cry]  (03:28)

Duration : 56:28 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2001 | Size : 144 mb

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01 – Ya Kelbi (Oh My Heart) (04:19)
02 – Ghir Enta ( I Only Love You) (05:06)
03 – Ech Edani (I Shouldn’t Have Fallen In Love With You) (04:45)
04 – Yemma (Mummy, I Lie To You) (05:09)
05 – Yawlidi (My Little Boy) (03:25)
06 – Le Bien Et Le Mal (Good And Evil) (02:56)
07 – Houria (Freedom) (03:10)
08 – Deb (Heart Broken) (05:03)
09 – Moudja (The Wave) (03:26)
10 – Passe Le Temps (As Time Goes By) (02:41)
11 – Theghri (I Send An S.O.S.) (04:08)
12 – Bel El Madhi (The Gate Of The Past) (05:10)

Duration : 49:18 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2003 | Size : 131 mb

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Souad Massi_Acoustic The Best of Souad Massi_Front

Album: Acoustic The Best of Souad Massi
Artist: Souad Massi
Counrty: Algeria

Souad-massi2Souad Massi1













Souad Massi has a golden voice and a sparkling talent. She has invented a delicately harmonious Algerian folk-rock based on humanist and sensitive lyrics.

Born in Algiers on 23 August 1972, Souad is from a family of artists. She knew she would be a singer from an early age. As a little girl with a strong voice she studied classical Arab-Andalusian music, music theory and universal classical music. These years of study have made her into a rigorous composer with a keen sense of instrumentation.

Since the age of seventeen she performed on stage after stage, just her with her guitar. Simultaneously she played with a flamenco group “Les Trianas d’Alger”. A complete failure which left her tempted to give up music altogether. Urged by her brother to go on, she took up her guitar and developed her own style. Soon the radios began to invite her onto their shows, then the television. The beginning of her career.

With her group “Atakor” she began to throughout the country. Their first cassette was released in 1997 with record sales while their video clips were also regularly shown on the television. The only problem was that for certain members of society Souad was too popular, too militant, too free. So they tried to stop her. “But I couldn’t remain indifferent to what was going on around me”. The answer was obvious, she continued. During her concerts, she would systematically invite someone from the audience onto the stage in order to voice their opinion. Moments often censured, but “at least it’s for the 800 people at the concert”. No hint of demagogy, Souad Massi is above all motivated by a deep respect for democracy and freedom.

The situation became more and more difficult for Souad. The urban planning office where she worked (she studied engineering) was forced to fire her. She was left in great difficulty, both materially and psychologically, leaving her close to abandoning everything. Which is when she was invited to take part in the Paris festival “Femmes d’Algérie”.

Souad arrived in France on 10 January 1999. The festival brought together Algerian women from all generations and regions, united in their fight for freedom. It became both a party and a combat against all fundamentalisms.

Paris discovered Souad Massi and was charmed by her voice and ability to communicate her emotion regardless of language.

The Mondomix team decided to help. A few weeks after the end of the festival, they took a recording of her performance to the R&A director at Island Records. Against all odds, he gave the young artist a free hand. In perfect harmony with Souad’s musical and poetic universe, he asked Bob Coke (Ben Harper’s arranger) to make the record.

The result was a superb first album with various styles (folk, chaâbi, rock…), reflecting the many facets of the singer while building a coherent voyage through her songs.
While recording Souad Massi continued to tour extensively, supporting groups such as Orchestre National de Barbès, Thierry Titi Robin, Geoffrey Oreyma… and above all Idir.

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01 – Denya Wezmen [That’s Life] (05:18)
02 – Hayati [My Life] (04:57)
03 – Yemma [Mummy I Lie To You] (03:49)
04 – Bladi [My Country] (05:28)
05 – Matebkiche [Don’t Cry] (04:16)
06 – Raoui [Storyteller] (03:48)
07 – Dar Djedi [My Grandfather’s House] (06:10)
08 – Hagda Wala Akter [There’s Worse] (05:37)
09 – Amessa [A Day Will Come] (09:23)
10 – Ghir Enta [I Only Love You] (07:09)
11 – Ech Edani [I Shouldn’t Have Fallen In Love With You] (07:08)
12 – Ya Kelbi [Oh! My Heart] (05:08)

Duration : 01:08:11 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2007 | Size : 170 mb

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