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Walid Kanaan - Shou Bteswa Hayati وليد كنعان–شو بتسوى حياتي

Walid kanaan born in Jbeil known as” Byblos” in 1969,is a Lebanese Singer ,Songwriter and Music Composer,Virtuoso Oud player.Walid kanaan started his artistic journey at an early age,when he took part in a singing contest held by the Lebanese TV. Also as a child and young adult ,Walid kanaan sang in school events and lots of other events around his home town.

Walid Knaan studied at the Beirut National Conservatory of Music. Kanaan was talented since the age of 4 ,when he started playing the flute accordion and lots of other instruments. At the age of 17 he fell in love with the “Oud ” and since then they had an endless relationship. Kanaan started composing and writing his music and songs when he was 15 years old.His first song was “the garden of flowers” hadikat alzouhour. He composed musically diverse songs,the majority of his compositions were romantic love songs he also composed and wrote some patriotic songs. He was also known to write and compose Folk songs and music.


  1. أم الزلف (04:28)
  2. السلطان الأمريكي (05:13)
  3. شتوية (05:56)
  4. ديك (03:52)
  5. كانت تلوي (03:08)
  6. رنا يارنا (05:29)
  7. الله كبير (04:13)
  8. مابقى فيّي (04:45)
  9. ممنوع تحاكي الحبيب (05:04)
  10. عم ناكل بالدَين (03:01)
  11. زهرّت عرايش ضيعتنا (03:09)
  12. عم قلّك مابقى فيّي (05:45)
  13. دوزن ياملك (04:17)
  14. شو بتسوى حياتي (06:40)
  15. ندى (03:46)
  16. بكير (04:05)

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