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Youmna Saba - 2008 - Min Aafesh el Beit يمنى سابا – من عفش البيت

Youmna Saba is a mature siren of lilting melodies. Pairing her visceral command of acoustic and melancholy vocals with traditional Arabic stringed oud and luscious maqam singing style, Youmna experiments with unconventional prepared techniques and the use of non-musical objects in her recordings.

While in Beirut to pursue graphic design, Youmna made her performance debut one fateful evening at a friend’s art show. This informal, fortuitous invitation revealed her budding musical talent and catapulted Youmna’s career in a new direction. She soon circled back to the world of education to build a classical Arab repertoire of the 19th and 20th century. In just a few short years, the singer-songwriter has stepped into her own, enraptured by the rich music of her lineage. She has released two EPs of her own stunning material.

For Youmna, songwriting has become like a diary, an unconscious natural extension of daily life. Her elaborate knowledge of ancient music traditions, pensive emotionality, and delicate pop sensibilities make her music both intoxicating and sympathetic.

youmna saba يمنى سابا


  1. Ghanniyet El Jarra (غنيّة الجرّة (02:12
  2. Ana Natra (أنا ناطرة (05:41
  3. Fala Tahremni (فلا تحرمني (03:28
  4. El hal (الحلّ (03:27
  5. Ismak (اسمَك (02:41
  6. Marra (مرّة (01:35

Duration : 19:04 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2008 | Size : 44 mb

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