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Zad Moultaka - 2001 - Anashid (ft. Fadia Tomb El-Hage) زاد ملتقى وفاديا طنب الحاج – أناشيد

Zad Moultaka , composer, born in Lebanon in 1967. Zad Moultaka began a musical collaboration with many artists around the world which sets Ars Nova, Wakes, Hang notes SYMBLEMA, Musicatreize, the Netherlands Radio Choir, Schönberg all of Amsterdam, the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne of Montreal, the choir room of Strasbourg, the Master of the Bouches du Rhone and the chamber choir Elements … This work continues in parallel with the entry into a residence for three years to the Foundation Royaumont and projects on the other side of the Atlantic.

Fadia Tomb El-Hage فاديا طنب الحاج

Fadia Tomb El-Hage

Fadia Tomb El-Hage is one of the rare professional singers to combine the Eastern and Western vocal techniques. After a young debut in Lebanon as soloist in several productions of the Rahbani brothers, she went to Munich to pursue her studies.

Founder with her two sisters of the vocal Trio « TriOrient » devoted to the interpretation of traditional songs of the Lebanese inheritance (sacred and secular) and middle-Eastern (old folklore, mouashahat, etc), a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment, in unison and in polyphony.


  1. Sulamite (01:27)
  2. Thamar (Fruit) (08:06)
  3. Sawt Habibi (the Voice of My Beloved) (08:09)
  4. Fil Layali (By Night) (05:43)
  5. Bakhoor (Incense) (05:34)
  6. Hobbi (Wind) (03:48)
  7. Ej’zebni (Attract Me) (02:10)
  8. Ohrub (Make Haste) (08:53)

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