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Khaled Mouzanar - Et Maintenant On Va Où خالد مزنر– وهلأ لوين

Khaled Mouzanar is a Lebanese musician. His music has gained much popularity since he composed the soundtrack for Nadine Labaki’s Caramel. His musical style melds Arabic music (ney, kanun, violin, and percussion) with classical and tango influences, He has compose numerous music films (Beirut After Shave, Sekkar Banet, Caramel) before embarking in 2007 in writing his first solo album, “Champs Arides “.

Mouzanar started music very young alongside the great Armenian composer, Boghos Gelalian. Like many of his friends are fond of the cinema and make films, he composed the music and he learns to link sounds and pictures.
His musical influences are so intimately related to the 7th art, since, although he grew up listening to the compositions of Bach, he readily admits having had a real shock artistic immersing himself airs of Strauss in the film by Stanley Kubrick “l’Odyssé de l’ espace. ” His inspiration is so tinged with Western trends despite the frequent use of typical instruments of Lebanon, especially in the city where he composes his music, Beirut.

To live his passion for music, he began working for advertising clips. His first professional experience outside the pub turns out to be a short film by Hany Tamba “After Shave”, whose music was nominated for the festival of Lutin Short Film. This is an opportunity for him to make his first teeth, while revealing his method as a composer for films. He works his themes, not images, but once assembled directly from the script.

Khaled Mouzanar خالد مزنر

Mouzanar will then rub with a feature film with director Nadine Labaki, in the film “Caramel.” His work takes as its basic Italian melodies (Morricone, Rota) as well as Lebanese Fairuz. His compositions also flirts with the tango through a thorough analysis of Astor Piazzolla, a composer who saw to make the tango universal and classic.

Finally comes the time of his solo album, entitled “Champs arides”, written in French and edited by Naïve. For this opus, Mouzanar states won by allowing himself to the influences of folk, “song writing” and, inevitably, paid tribute to singers such as Gainsbourg. He said also inspired by the city of Paris. For him, “Paris is literature, cinema. Paris is a kind of fantasy.However, Paris does not inspire him when it is actually far from it, since it is in Beirut that he composes his songs

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Coaching Chant : Tania Saleh


  1. Danse Funèbre (Solo: Rasha Rizk) (03:15)
  2. La Grande Marche (01:49)
  3. Kifou Hal Helou (02:51)
  4. Machkal (02:58)
  5. Yimkin Law (03:18)
  6. Pax Ukrania (03:16)
  7. Un Air De Liberté (02:47)
  8. Yammi (03:12)
  9. Nassim (02:37)
  10. Miracle Du Flipper (01:33)
  11. Hashishet Albi (Instrumental) (01:48)
  12. Un Air De Liberté (Guitar Version) (02:29)
  13. Kyrié Allah (03:15)
  14. Deuil De Nassim (02:26)
  15. Hashishet Albi (01:48)

Duration : 39:22 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s  | Year : 2011 | Size : 94 mb

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thanksgiving for خالد مصالحة

Kinan Azameh

In the words of directors Sari Lluch Dalena and Keith Sicat, ‘Rigodon’ is “a film about outsiders, people on the periphery – exiles. This feeling of alienation is a universal one that expresses itself without words. Words may even be inadequate.This is where Kinan Azmeh’s score comes into play; the Syrian composer’s lush and haunting music possesses an intimate understanding of humanity: its emotions, yearnings, dreams and nightmares.
Azmeh’s score, mingled with the images from ‘Rigodon’, makes these human complexities transcend the muted silence of the exiles’ world”. Perhaps it is fitting to describe Azmeh’s expressive music with a word: powerful. It comes across as a combination of contemporary classical and ambient music, without however falling into the conventional clichés associated with these genres. ‘Rigodon’ is reminiscent at times of Philip Glass’s film scores and compositions for the cinema.

Kinan AzamehKinan Azmeh:

Hailed as a “virtuoso” by the New York Times, “unique sound” by the Daily Star and “engagingly flamboyant” by the L.A. Times, Kinan Azmeh is one of Syria’s rising stars. His utterly distinctive sound is now fast gaining international recognition.

Born in Damascus, Kinan was the first Arab to win the premier prize at the 1997 Nicolai Rubinstein International Competition, Moscow. A graduate of New York’s Juilliard school, and of both the High institute of Music and Damascus University’s School of Electrical Engineering, Kinan is currently a doctoral music student of Charles Neidich at the City University of New York.

Kinan has appeared worldwide as a soloist and composer. Notable appearances include: Opera Bastille, Paris; Tchaikovsky Grand Hall, Moscow; Carnegie Hall and Alice Tully Hall, New York; the Royal Albert hall, London; Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires; der Philharmonie; Berlin; the Kennedy Center, Washington DC; and the opening concert of the Damascus Opera House. He has appeared as soloist with orchestras such as the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra, the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, The Bavarian Radio Orchestra and The Kiev Kamerata under such reputed conductors as Solhi al-Wadi and Daniel Barenboim. He has shared the stage with Marcel Khalife, Francois Rabbath, Mari Kimura, Elliott Sharp, Katia Tchemberdji, Kani Karaca and members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, among others.

Compositions include several works for solo, orchestra, and chamber music; film, live illustration, and electronics, his multimedia work “Gilgamesh” with visual Artist Kevork Mourad has been touring the US and the middle east since 2006. His recordings include three albums with his ensemble HEWAR, a duo album with Sri lankan-Canadian pianist Dinuk Wijertatne and several soundtracks for film and dance. He serves on the advisory board of the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra, and is artistic director of the Damascus Festival Chamber Music Ensemble, with whom he released an album of new music written especially for the ensemble by various Arab composers.

كنان العظمة
وصفته الديلي ستار بال “المبدع مميز الصوت ” و لوس أنجلس تايمز ب “الآسر المتألق”
من مواليد عام ١٩٧٦،خريج المعهد العربي للموسيقى ، خريج المعهد العالي للموسيقى متتلمذا على أناتولي موراتوف، كما يحمل شهادةً البكالوريوس في الهندسة الكهربائية من جامعة دمشق حائز على الماجستير من معهد “جوليارد” للموسيقي في نيويورك متتلمذا على تشارلز نيديش. يحضر حاليا لدرجة الدكتوراه في الموسيقى في جامعة نيويورك،. حاز كنان العظمة على الجائزة الأولى في مسابقة نيقولاي روبنشتاين الدولية للعازفين الشباب في موسكو عام ١٩٩٧.

ظهر كنان كعازفٍ منفردٍ ومؤلف موسيقي على نطاق عالمي في قاعات هامة منها أوبرا الباستيل – باريس ، قاعتي كارنغي و أليس تولي – نيويورك ، مركز كينيدي – واشنغتون، مسرح كولون – بيونس أيرس ، قاعة ألبرت الملكية – لندن، قاعة الفيلهارموني – برلين، قاعة تشايكوفسكي الكبرى في موسكو، و دار الأوبرا السورية في حفل افتتاحها.

وعزف بقيادة عدد من أشهر قادة الأوركسترا في العالم مثل: جون آدمز، السير روجر نورينجتون، شارل دوتوا، دانييل بارينبويم، إسحاق بيرلمان، لاري راكليف، أحمد الصعيدي، صلحي الوادي، و آخرين. شاركه المسرح فنانون مرموقون مثل ماري كيمورا، مارسيل خليفة، ايليوت شارب، سيلفان كساب ، كاني كاراشا، كاتيا تشيمبيردجي، كيفورك مراد ، وغيرهم .

مؤلفاته تضم عددا من موسيقى الأفلام، أعمال موسيقية- مرئية حية، أعمال أحادية (سولو)، موسيقى حجرة، والكترونية. تضم تسجيلاته ألبومين لفرقته حوار و عدد من الأشرطة الصوتية للأفلام والرقص.
كنان العظمة هو المدير الفني لأوركسترا مهرجان دمشق لموسيقى الحجرة .

Track List:

1 –  Dream (05:53)
2 –  Intro (01:49)
3 –  Couples (03:10)
4 –  Flashback (01:30)
5 –  Love After Ink (03:08)
6 –  Journey (02:49)
7 –  Montage (01:27)
8 –  Final (02:28)
9 –  Credits (02:44)
10 –  Dream Returns (05:51)

Duration : 30:49 | Bitarte : 192 kBit/s | Year : 2007 | Size : 44 mb

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