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Nasser Shamma - 2003 - Maqamat Ziryab

Album: Maqamat Ziryab مقامات زرياب
Artist: Nasser Shamma نصير شمه
Country: Iraq العراق


Nasser Shamma was born in 1963 in Al-Kut, a southern city in Iraq. He studied at Baghdad’s institute of Music and, in 1987, received a diploma in musical art. Later he specialised
in the Oud.
Since he started his professional career, Naseer has been composing his own music. Giving concerts in various parts of the world has become his main concern.
He is now one of the most esteemed and prolific Oud musicians.
In addition to holding concerts, Nasser is currently director of the Beit Al-Oud Al-Arabi at Al-Harawi Cairo, witch was founded by him in 1998 .

1. Dau’ ar-Ruh (Light of the Soul): Maqam Hijaz
ضوء الروح: مقام حجاز
2. Hilal as-Saba
هلال الصبا
3. Raqsat Al-Faras (Dance of the Horse): Maqam Nahawand
رقصة الفرس: مقام نهاوند
4. Awshar: Maqam Awshar
أوشار: مقام الأوشار
5. Lil Rooh Hadeeth (Discourse of the Soul): Maqam Ajam
للروح حديث: مقام عجم
6. Maqam Rast
مقام رست
7. Zada al-Garam (Love Grew): Maqam Nahawand
زاد الغرام: مقام نهاوند

Duration : 65:01 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2003 | Size : 152 mb

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