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Dhafer Youssef Quartet - 2010 - Festival de Jazz de San Javier

With a music rooted in the sufi tradition and other mystical sounds, Dhafer Youssef is a virtuoso of the oud and a great vocalist. Dhafer was born in Tunisia and has been living in Europe for many years. He has successfully fused arabic music with jazz, acomplishing a lyricism and intensity which is difficult to describe in words. In Jazz San Javier he will present his new CD, Abu Nawas Rhapsody, dedicated to the arab poet of persian decent, Abu Nawas. It is an absolutely extraordinary and unique album. He will perform with the same musicians with which he recorded the album, the formidable Armenian pianist Tygran Hamasyan, doble bassist Chris Jennings, and the spectacular drummer Marc Giuliana.


  • Dhafer Youssef (vocals, oud)
  • Tigran Hamasyan (piano)
  • Chris Jennings (double bass)
  • Mark Giuliana (drums)

Track List :

  1. Hayartan Dance
  2. Sura
  3. Odd Elegy
  4. Khamsa
  5. Les Ondes Orientales
  6. Odd Poetry

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Dhafer Youssef

Abu Nwas Rhapsody paints, perhaps, the broadest picture of Youssef of any single album to date, with its focus on a consistent lineup and the resultant chemistry. Without dismissing the inestimable strengths of Youssef’s playing, singing and composing, Abu Nawas Rhapsody’s greatest energy and strength comes from an ideal trio of collaborators, who turn it into his hottest session to date.

Track List:

  1. Aya (12:52)
  2. Interl’oud – Odd Elegy (12:45)
  3. Les Ondes Orientales (14:53)
  4. Khamsa (The Khamriyyat Of Abu Nawas) (08:36)

Duration : 49:06 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2010 | Size : 99 mb

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Dhafer Youssef - Abu Nawas Rhapsody

Album: Abu Nawas Rhapsody
Artist: Dhafer Youssef
Country: Tunisia

Dhafer Youssef (born 1967 in Teboulba, Tunisia) is a composer, vocalist, and oud player. He has been living and working in various European countries since 1990. During this time he had the opportunity to perform his music on stages in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and other countries as well as his native Tunisia (where he started singing in the Islamic tradition  at age 5 ).

Dhafer Youssef’s music is rooted in the Sufi tradition and other mystical music but has always been wide open to ideas from any other musical culture as well as the jazz scene. With his poetic approach on the oud (the Arabic lute), his complex Arab-colored compositions and especially his deeply affecting singing when humming along with his melodies, Dhafer Youssef is one of the most impressive voices to emerge in this musical field in many years. Testifying a wide range of sound colors, stylistic facets and musical ingredients, Dhafer Youssef opens the way to a new definition of East-Western crossover.

Dhafer Youssef ظافر يوسف


  • Dhafer Youssef: oud, vocals
  • Tigran Hamasyan: piano
  • Chris Jennings: bass
  • Mark Guiliana: drums

Track List:

  1. Sacrè “The Wine Ode Suite” 4:54
  2. Les Ondes Orientales 9:09
  3. Khamsa “The Khamriyyat Of Abu Nuwas” 7:38
  4. Interl’oud 1:43
  5. Odd Elegy 4:52
  6. Ya Hobb “In The Name Of Love” 4:08
  7. Shaouk 2:07
  8. Shata “Shatahat” 5:22
  9. Mudamatan “The Wine Ode Suite” 4:51
  10. Sabaa “Hayastan Dance” 4:58
  11. Sura 6:05
  12. Profane “The Wine Ode Suite” 4:39

Duration: 60:39 | Bitrate: 320 kBit/s | Year: 2010 | Size: 150 mb

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