Hiba Al Kawas - I Sing You My Love هبة القواص - أغنيك حبيبي

One of the remarkable women in the world of music today, is the Lebanese composer and opera singer Hiba Al Kawas: Remarkable for talent, creativity, artistic and intellectual personality.

تغني هبة القواس وكأنها تعشق المعرفة وتنزع بطبيعتها إليها، فلا تقف في طابور كثرة من أصوات يتوهّم الجمهور أنها حقيقية. تبحث في أصل الإبداع العربي المهدد بخطر النسيان التقني، فتغنّي وكأنها خيط هادٍ إلى ماهيته

Hiba Al Kawas  هبة القواص

Hiba Al-Kawas was born in Saida, Lebanon on the 17th of July 1972. She graduated from the Lebanese University with a degree in Experimental Sciences and a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Psychology.

She followed this with a Masters Degree in Operatic Chant with high distinction from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory and a Master’s Degree in Music Composition and studies in Musicology. She has also prepared her final studies for a Diploma in Piano. She was awarded a special scholarship from the Academia di Chiggiana di Sienna in Italy where she did high studies in Opera Singing with the famous Tenor, Carlo Bergonzi and Composition with Maestro Franco Donatoni.

Mrs. Al Kawas is currently a member of the board at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory and a professor of Opera Chant, and Composition there. She is a Committee member of The Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra. She is also a professor at the Lebanese University and is the Academic & Music Coordinator at the Teachers’ Training College for Music in Beirut and a member of the High National Committee of Music at UNESCO, and a member of the National Committee of UNESCO for the Sciences, Education and Culture. Also she is a member of the Intellectual Property-International Chamber of Commerce.

Track List:
01 – Being you Being me (03:33) تكونني وأكونك
02 – Being you Being me – instrumental (03:33)
03 – Dates (01:55) المواعيد
04 – Dates – instrumental (01:56)
05 – You regret the darkness of the night (05:51) تشكو ظلام الليل
06 – You regret the darkness of the night – instrumental (05:51)
07 – I sing you my love (02:27) أغنيك حبيبي
08 – I sing you my love – instrumental (02:27)
09 – The Story Began (01:33) بديت الحكاية
10 – The Story Began – instrumental (01:33)

Length : 30:38 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 1996 | Size : 74 mb

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