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Karim Baggili - 2013 - Kali City

Belgian, of Jordanian – Yugoslavian origin, Karim Baggili, born in 1976 is a young self-taught guitarist, ud player and composer. Starting with the electric guitar at the age of 16, his performance continued to develop while working with different techniques of flamenco guitar and the Arabian Oud which he acquired from Jordan.

In 2000, Karim won the first prize at the “Open String Festival” in Osnabrück, Germany.

Since then, he participated in many groups such as Dazibao, Turdus Philomelos, Nathalie Loriers, Traces and has worked on many projects as composer and arranger for several albums, documentaries and short films.

Karim has also diversified his musical taste with the creation of Aton Lua, his world rock music project where he sings in several languages and plays different personalities on stage.

After his two recent albums, Douar and Cuatro con Cuatro issued by, Karim is releasing his fourth album “Lea & Kash”, which blends together worldly compositions in novel techniques.


  1. Down Town (04:58)
  2. Ella & Jad (05:32)
  3. Dawn At Sea (01:00)
  4. Big Fish (04:30)
  5. Silent Stories (04:35)
  6. Fly To (01:13)
  7. Kali City (04:46)
  8. Toummai (03:19)
  9. Arabic Circus (04:54)
  10. Kalimaat (03:14)
  11. Nuit Obelaetis (05:30)
  12. La Tinsini (02:56)
  13. Amar (04:11)

Duration : 50:35 | Bitrate : 320 Kbit/s | Year : 2013 | Size : 160 mb

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