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Husnu Senlendirici & Laco Tayfa - 2000 - Bergama Gaydasi

Laço Tayfa is a Turkish musical ensemble led by clarinetist Hüsnü Şenlendirici. They combine Turkish folk music with jazz, improvisational styles, and other traditions of world music (including Indian, North African, and Middle Eastern styles).


  • Hüsnü Şenlendirici Clarinet
  • Nurhat Şensesli Bass guitar
  • Volkan Öktem Drums
  • Mehmet Akatay Percussion
  • Nuri Lekesizgöz Kanun
  • Ergun Hepbildik Violin
  • Özkan Alıcı Bağlama
  • Caner Tepecik Keyboard

Track List:

  1. Fidayda (04:50)
  2. Onbeşli (03:50)
  3. Çiftetelli (05:30)
  4. Bazalika (03:31)
  5. Harmandali (07:10)
  6. Malatya (02:40)
  7. Ay Gız (06:34)
  8. Bergama Gaydasi (03:43)
  9. Izmir’in Kavaklari (07:38)
  10. Ramize (Deryalar) (03:23)
  11. Gökte Yildiz Ay musun – Tabancamin Sapi (02:21)

Length : 51:09 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2000 | Size : 98 mb

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Laço Tayfa – 2002 – Hicaz Dolap

   Posted by: Ninorta

Laço Tayfa - 2002 - Hicaz Dolap

Laço Tayfa represents a new synthesis within the Turkish Roma (gypsy) tradition. Under the leadership of clarinetist Husnu Senlendirici, Laco Tayfa brings Turkish regional folk music into dialogue with contemporary world music styles, fired by a driving improvisational style. This unification is achieved in Hicaz Dolap at such a level that listeners will find themselves caught up in a journey to the edges of a harmonious whole that is composed of incongruous melodic structures. Every instrument breathes on its own in this album; instruments once thought to be archrivals merge in great harmony.

Laço Tayfa, who gained instant notoriety with the highly respected album In The BuzzBag, recorded with the funk/acid jazz armada Brooklyn Funk Essentials, are now back with their own brand of funk. Some of the tracks on their debut album, Bergama Gaydasi, such as, “Malatya,” “Izmir’in Kavaklari,” “Fidayda” and “Çiftetelli,” have already become anthems of the music markets on Istiklal Cad.

In this album, Laco Tayfa combines the traditional sounds of Asia Minor and Thrace with Laco Tayfa magic and a highly sophisticated infrastructure. Contemporary musician/composer/conductor/legend Lawrence “Butch” Morris sat in as a consultant for this unorthodox project.

Hüsnü Şenlendirici comes from a family of musicians from the Turkish Aegean coastal town of Bergama, where local Roma musicians play for local inhabitants of different ethnic groups. Interestingly, in this area, Roma musicians play versions of brass band instruments. A typical traditional wedding band consists of clarinet, trumpet, snare drum and a double-headed folk bass drum called a davul. The Senlendirici family has consisted of musicians playing clarinet and trumpet for generations, hence the meaning of their last name, “The ones who create celebrations”. Husnu’s grandfather played trumpet and clarinet, while his father, Ergun, was a highly celebrated trumpet player who moved out of the regional wedding circuit to join studio, concert and touring musicians working out of Istanbul. After training at the state music conservatory in Istanbul, Husnu joined his father in concerts, recorded with world music artists such as Okay Temiz, and toured Europe and the United States. Husnu also participated in local avant-garde experiments, such as the fusing of Roma improvisational style, Turkish melodies and Western classical and jazz harmonies. While seeking new musical challenges, Husnu remains grounded in local Roma and Turkish urban styles, performing at weddings, with urban singing stars at concerts and on recordings.

For this project with Laço Tayfa, Husnu worked with traditional folk material from each of the regions of Turkey, using signature Roma tunes as a basis for a new synthesis which incorporates jazz harmonies, riffs and textures with Indian tabla as well as North African and Arabic rhythmic patterns. In this repertoire, Husnu also presents sounds from his native region, such as 9/8-meter Roma wedding pieces with driving melodic solos in the Aegean style, the melody of an Aegean folk dance form (zeybek) known as harmandali with solo clarinet and davul in the manner of a neighborhood wedding and an impassioned interpretation of an Aegean urban folk song, “Izmir’in Kavaklari.” Within traditional treatments of these diverse regional styles, Husnu embeds new improvisations.
Thus the Black Sea piecces maintain the characteristic parallel 4th harmonies, but add suprising twists and silences. The Rumeli (Turkish Balkan) repertoire of Deryalar and Ramize incorporate Roma Macedonian harmonies in 3rds. The Central Anatolian tune from Fidayda is performed in the bağlama style characteristic of its origins, but moves into an electro-bağlama solo which imitates the guitar. The musicians joining Hüsnü in Laço Tayfa are from Bergama and İzmir

Members :
Hüsnü Senlendirici (Clarinet, Trumpet, Asma Davul and Zurna).
Özkan Alici (Baglama).
Nuri Lekesizgöz (Kanun).
Ergun Hepbildik (Violin).
Mehmet Akatay (Percussion).
Volkan Öktem (Drums and Percussion).
Nurhat Sensesli (Bass) .
Burc Sensesli (Keyboards).

Track List:
01 –  Surmat (Traditional) (05:11)
02 –  Erkilet Güzeli (Traditional) (03:57)
03 –  Zülüf (Neset Ertas) (05:34)
04 –  Estergon Kalesi (Traditional) (03:57)
05 –  Ussak (Traditional) (04:12)
06 –  Püsküllü (Hüsnü Senlerdirici) (03:53)
07 –  Gel Yad’a Salma Dilber (Traditional) (05:28)
08 –  Hicaz Dolap (Sükrü Tunar) (04:47)
09 –  Atmaca (Hüsnü Senlerdirici) (04:28)
10 –  Kütahya’nin Pinarlari (Hisarli Ahmet) (04:38)
11 –  Divane Asik Gibi (Hasan Tunc) (03:41)
12 –  Surmat (Remix) (05:56)
13 –  Erkilet Güzeli (Remix) (05:38)

Length : 61:20 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2002 | Size : 141 mb

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