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Meen - 2011 - 3arousit Bkeseen مين – عروسة بكاسين

Meen is a Lebanese rock band with a twist.
The band was founded by Fouad and Toni Yammine, the warped minds behind the quirky lyrics and catchy melodies.
They hold the noble mission of promoting Lebanese rock music as their main objective, followed by other worthy goals such as getting rich and impressing lots of chicks.

Who’s Meen?
We are superheroes.  And when we’re not busy saving the world, we work as rock musicians. That’s why Toni keeps his glasses on when he’s on stage.  Fouad sometimes has to be reminded not to put his underwear over his trousers before a performance.

What’s the story behind the name?
Meen is the name of an ancient Lebanese goddess who was worshipped for having killer legs.   Legend has it that she lived in Bqeseen, and died in mysterious circumstances.  Folklore has it that she committed suicide by leaping off a ninth-floor balcony, but historians suggest she may have choked on her arguileh.

Where do you get your inspiration?

We don’t get inspired; we just steal ideas from other people.

What’s with the tomatoes?
Haven’t you been at countless performances where you felt you could only express your opinion by pelting the artist with tomatoes?

You don’t act or look like your typical rock band.  Is this intentional or is this just you?
Well, obviously.  Do you want us to turn up in our superhero costumes?  Of course it’s intentional, fool.


Who are some of your favorite artists?
We used to be into boring crap like the Beatles, Iron Maiden and Pink Floyd, but Jad Choueiri’s first single was a revelation and life-changing experience.


  1. Cliché (كليشيه (03:02
  2. Bi3ti2id (بعتقد (02:46
  3. Ya jagal ma yhizzak ri7 (ياجغل مايهزّك ريح (03:02
  4. Bkeseen (بكاسين (02:28
  5. 3am ba3mil jihde (عم بعمل جهدي (02:55
  6. Walid (وليد (03:04
  7. Wa2fe ma3 l i3len (وقفة مع الإعلان (04:38
  8. Ma2birt l a7lem (مقبرة الأحلام (02:43
  9. Mr. Akhdar (م. أخضر (02:35
  10. Kassir l 2zez (كسّر القزاز (03:42
  11. Ntibih ya batinjein, l ghaseel 3a lawno bi boukh (نتبه يابتنجان الغسيل ع لونو ببوخ (02:06

Duration : 33:02 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2011 | Size :81 mb

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