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Rahim AlHaj, Ottmar Liebert, Jon Gagan, Barrett Martin - 2009 - Under the Rose

The deep and soulful sound of Spanish flamenco is rooted in a unique series of historical events and cultural overlaps that stretch across centuries, reaching from India to the New World—none more important than the Moorish conquest of the Iberian peninsula in the eighth century.

Early in the Moors’ reign, an illustrious Iraqi oud player, Ziryab, fled Baghdad in fear for his life, as the story goes, and migrated to Córdoba, a cultural center of Al-Andalus (Andalusia). He brought with him a profound musical heritage and a host of innovations that laid the foundation for Spanish music. Among many other things, he initiated an evolutionary process that led to the development of the modern flamenco guitar.

The circle has come round again, and another illustrious Iraqi oud player, Rahim AlHaj, has fled political tyranny in Baghdad, carrying with him an ancient musical heritage and a head full of innovative ideas. Among those ideas is his determination to engage players across a wide range of musical genres to explore the common language of music, which reflects our common humanity.

On Under the Rose, AlHaj combines with the world-renowned guitarist Ottmar Liebert to unite the ancestral Iraqi tradition with modern flamenco, celebrating and exploring the family connections. Liebert, who has incorporated his own innovative ideas into the vocabulary of flamenco—bringing electric bass, synthesizer, electronics, drum kit, and more into the mix—proves a compelling musical foil to the ancient sound of the oud and AlHaj’s contemporary approach to the instrument.

Ably assisted by Jon Gagan (bass, keyboard), who also produced the CD, finding just the right textures and contexts to illuminate this unique pairing, and Barrett Martin (percussion), these two musical masters bring a fresh perspective to flamenco that echoes its distant past while perhaps anticipating its future. Whether playing in call and response (“The Coin”), weaving two lines together in a rhythmic dance (“A Storm Approaches”), experimenting with electronic embellishments (“Return to Andalusia”), or hewing closer to tradition (“Under the Rose”)—AlHaj and Liebert display a rare musical simpatía that bridges cultures and genres.

This collection of 10 tracks—all collaboratively composed by the four players—offers a deep-soothing balm for the listener. From the most energetic to the most profoundly contemplative, each track takes the ears on a short, refreshing journey that reaffirms music’s magical powers and the virtuosity of these splendid musicians.

Track List:

  1. Under the Rose (05:03)
  2. The Delivery (03:51)
  3. Don’t Wait, My Love (06:02)
  4. The Seduction (04:55)
  5. Do You Know I Love You (05:27)
  6. The Coin (04:37)
  7. Chasing You (05:41)
  8. A Storm Approaches (05:01)
  9. Return to Andalusia (05:43)
  10. Spirit of Saladin (04:52)

Duration : 51:10 | Bitarte :  320 kBit/s | Year : 2009 | Size :  121 mb

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Sami Hawat - Fi Shi Mashi سامي حواط – في شي ماشي

سامي حواط : درس الموسيقى في المعهد الموسيقي الوطني – الكونسرفاتوار لمدة أربع سنوات

بدأ مسيرته الفنية بالمسرح مع زياد الرحباني في مسرحيات : نزل السرور – بالنسبة لبكرا شو ؟ – فيلم أميركي طويل – شي فاشل , وشارك بأعمال موسيقة مع زياد الرحباني : هدوء نسبي , بهالشكل ,أنا مش كافر , شريط غير حدودي و أيضاً شارك مع مخّول قاصوف في : كلّو تمام , بوّاب الفرح …

منذ عام 1985 بدأ مرحلة جديدة مستقلة في مسيرته الفنية حيث أسس فرقة موسيقيّة أي المجموعة, وأصدر عدة ألبومات :الرأي العام , أنا الصحة , نحنا الأطفال , و مؤخراً إنتاج جديد : في شي ما شي

Track List:

  1. Fi shi mashi (في شي ماشي (03:18
  2. Ahla w Sahla (أهلا وسهلا (03:35
  3. Eltellek Ana (قلتلك أنا (02:35
  4. La Tesa’lny An Deny (لا تسألني عن ديني (03:11
  5. Nasheed el Taab (نشيد التعب (04:10
  6. Shajret el Zaitoon (شجرة الزيتون (03:41
  7. Esteshhadak Guevara (استشهادك غيفارا (04:28
  8. Souq el Khayateen (سوق الخياطين (02:36
  9. Shayfe Halek (شايفة حالك (03:16
  10. Sho el Esm el Awal ? (شو الاسم الأول ؟ (03:08
  11. Abathiet el Mout (عبثية الموت (03:58

Duration : 37:53 | Bitarte : 128 kBit/s | Size : 38 mb

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Sami Hawat - Al Raii Alaam سامي حواط – الرأي العام

أحد الأخوان
وأنا أبتاع رغيف فلافل

من ذاك الدكان
لم يعجبه أمرٌ لا أعرفه فيّ
أحد الأخوان
لبطني .. لبطني …
إن قيس الإنسان بهامته
سأساوي من هذا الأخ اثنين
أو قيس الإنسان بفكرته
سأساوي ألفين
أو قيس الإنسان برقته وشجاعته
سأساوي مليونين
كنت ..
سألقن هذا الحيوان
درساً لا ينساه
سأضربه كفين
ولكن ..
حين علمت
بأن الأخ “اللابط”
أعلى من زلم السلطان
أحجمت .. أحجمت
لأني تعبان ..
لأني تعبان .. لأني تعبان ..
قسماً بعلي والعباس أنا تعبان
قسماً بصلاح الدين وحطين أنا تعبان
وجميع الجبهات لتحرير فلسطين
أنا تعبان ..
قسماً بعلي والعباس أنا تعبان
قسماً بصلاح الدين وحطين أنا تعبان
وإن شئتم قرفان
وإن شئتم كسلان
وإن شئتم جبان
قسماً بجميع القديسين
أنا تعبان

Track List:

  1. Al Raii Alaam (الرأي العام (02:42
  2. Beirutt Koubra (بيروت كبرى (03:23
  3. Tenin (تنين (04:14
  4. Alaamel (العامل (07:12
  5. Ahad Alikhwan (أحد الأخوان (02:47
  6. Keif Ansa (كيف أنسى (05:56
  7. Yahl Almaghna (ياهل المغنى (03:31
  8. Lara (لارا (05:14

Duration : 34:53 | Bitarte : 128 kBit/s | Size : 34 mb

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Saif Karomi - 2011 - Barfoot Child سيف كرومي– 2009 – الطفل الحافي

ألبوم جديد لعازوف العود الألماني العراقي الأصل سيف كرومي ,يتكون من 8 معزوفات من تأليف سيف تسجيل استوديو أونتر تون في العاصمة الأمانية برلين توزيع الخيمة بدمشق ويوّزع قريباً في سورية و لبنان والاردن

لمزيد من المعلومات عن سيف كرومي :
Saif Karomi – 2009 – Der Nachtreisende سيف كرومي- 2009 – مسافر الليل

Track List:

  1. In Thoughts (تأمل (06:01
  2. The River (النهر (02:16
  3. Travelling (ترحال (13:47
  4. Barefoot Child (الطفل الحافي (04:20
  5. Um Haider (أم حيدر (03:18
  6. Candle (شمعة (04:02
  7. Woman’s Mood (مزاج النساء (10:46
  8. Sugarcane (بين القصب (05:00

Duration : 49:30 | Bitarte : 192 kBit/s | Year : 2011 | Size : 74 mb

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Aufgang – 2009 – Aufgang

   Posted by: Ninorta    in Aufgang, France, Instrumental, Lebanon, Rami Khalifé

Aufgang - 2009 - Aufgang

An experimental electronic-acoustic trio associated with the French label Infiné, Aufgang made their eponymous album debut in 2009. Comprised of Francesco Tristano (piano; born Francesco Tristano Schlimé in Luxembourg in 1981, based in Barcelona, Spain), Rami Khalifé (piano; born in Beirut, Lebanon), and Aymeric Westrich (drums, programming; born in France), the trio made its performance debut in 2005 at the Sònar festival in Barcelona.

Aufgang were founded several years earlier, however, when Tristano and Khalifé were students at the Juilliard School in New York. Billing themselves as Aufgang, they performed a piano duet at the Julliard School’s Morse Hall in 2000 and performed other duets there in 2002 and 2003. They also performed duets elsewhere, from Luxembourg to Lebanon, but it wasn’t until 2005 that they added Westrich to the lineup and expanded to a trio. Meanwhile, Tristano established himself as a solo recording artist, recording the full-length album Not for Piano in France in October 2005 with producer Fernando Corona. Eventually released in 2007 on the French label Infiné, Not for Piano includes a few techno-inspired songs: “Strings,” based on Derrick May’s “Strings of Life”; “Andover,” based on Autechre’s “Overand”; and “The Bells,” based on the Jeff Mills track. Several other songs on the album were written by and feature the piano of Khalifé. In addition to Not for Piano, Infiné released a couple EPs, Strings (2006) and The Melody (2008), the former including a techno remix by Apparat and the latter including one by Carl Craig, and the full-length album Auricle / Bio / On (2008), a collaboration with Moritz von Oswald. Following these techno collaborations, Tristano teamed up with Khalifé and Westrich for Aufgang (2009), the trio’s eponymous album debut, and Sonar (2009), a four-track remix EP, both released on Infiné.

he links between classical training and electronic music have always been apparent, at sometimes more clearly than others, so Aufgang’s contribution to the field, given two of its three members’ training at Juillard, is in many ways not surprising at all. The pianos that dominate much of the album range from the frenetic to the softly romantic, casting all of Aufgang in a slightly chaotic light. On balance, it is something of a frustrating album, certainly not terrible, but neither does it seem fully comfortable with itself, often feeling more like a showcase for the accomplished keyboard work than its own self-contained experience. Thus the opening “Channel 7” can’t seem to decide whether it’s meant to be contemplated as a soundtrack or used as a dance number or something else again, crunchy synths and the build-up of drums into bells creating another mood that’s pleasant enough. At the band’s most straightforward, they are often their most successful — “Sonar,” which almost feels like a salute to the early-’90s work of 808 State at points, isn’t a re-creation of that sound or of the piano’s driving role in so many early house records, but it comes close enough in feel to succeed in its own right. Similarly, the extremely calm “Prelude du Passe” and the swirling space rock drive of “Barok” add a little something more to the styles that the trio explores. In contrast, songs like the chaotic “Channel 8” has a lot of elements going for it, from synth zone to pulsing beats, but finds itself all stitched together under some sparkling touches that almost induce sugar shock. If not a full success, it is at least an interesting start on a full-length basis for the group.


  1. Channel 7 (05:36)
  2. Channel 8 (09:11)
  3. Barock (04:52)
  4. Sonar (07:45)
  5. Prélude du passé (05:39)
  6. Good Generation (04:50)
  7. 3 vitesses (05:04)
  8. Aufgang (06:31)
  9. Soumission (10:41)

Duration : 60:09 | Bitarte : 192 kBit/s | Year : 2009 | Size : 86 mb

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