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Munir Bashir - Omar Bashir - 1998 - Duo De Ud

Munir Bashir was one of the most famous musicians in the Middle East during the 20th century and was considered to be the supreme master of the Arab maqamat scale system. He created different styles of the Arabian short scaled lute, the oud. He was one of the first middle eastern instrumentalists known to Europe and America. Bashir’s music is distinguished by a novel style of improvisation that reflects his study of Indian and European tonal art in addition to oriental forms. Munir Although he was an ethnic Assyrian Bashir played a big role in Arab culture throughout the 20th century. Born in Iraq, he had to deal with numerous disruptions of violent coup attempts and multiple wars that the country went through. He would eventually exile to Europe and become noticeable first in eastern nations such as Hungary and Bulgaria.

Omar Bashir: An incredible talent, raised in a family of artists – his grandfather Bachri Abdel Aziz, his father Mounir Bashir and his uncle Jamil were musicians – he began his musical training when he was five years old, when his father gave him his first violin. When he was seven years old, he already frequented the Conservatory of Bagdad and when he was nine he gave his first solo concert. Moving to Hungary in 1991, the homeland of his mother, he studied piano, singing and direction of choir at the Liszt University. Since 1990 Omar Bashir has been playing the oud as a professional. Apart from solo tours he has realized a lot of concerts with his father Mounir, who’s great virtuosity represented a constant stimulus for the young artist.

Track List:
1 –  Fôg el-Nakhel (Above the Palm Trees) (12:43) فوق النخل
2 –  Pastâ Baghdadiyya [Popular Iraqi Tune] (08:06) بسطة بغدادية
3 –  Hanân (Tenderness) (12:43) حنان
4 –  Dabka (Iraqi Dance) (10:41) دبكة
5 –  Ishtâr (Assyrian-Babylonian Goddess of Fertility) (13:36) عشتار
6 –  Al-Amira Al-Andaluciyya (The Andalusian Princess) (11:36) الأميرة الأندلسية

Duration : 69:22 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 1998 | Size : 165 mb

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Dhafer Youssef & Wolfgang Muthspiel - 2007 - GLOW

Although it’s a dual-leader album, in which oud player Dhafer Youssef‘s performance is at least as important as that of guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel, one of Glow’s chief causes for celebration is Muthspiel’s on-form presence. After releasing the shimmeringly beautiful Bright Side (Material Records, 2006)—a little-known masterpiece which may yet take its place alongside such jazz guitar iconographs as Johnny Smith’s Moonlight In Vermont (Roulette, 1953, reissued 2004) and Wes Montgomery’s Incredible Jazz Guitar (Riverside, 1960)—Muthspiel’s project with drummer Brian Blade, Friendly Travelers (Material Records, 2007), was a disappointment, interesting in conception but not entirely convincing in execution.

Glow finds Muthspiel back in immaculate form as both guitarist and producer (significantly, the Blade album was a co-production while the Youssef is solely produced by Muthspiel). The disc reunites the Tunisian oud player and Austrian guitarist after a gap of six years following Muthspiel’s playing and composing collaboration on Youssef’s Electric Sufi (Enja, 2001). The album, Youssef’s breakthrough, was a thrilling, perfectly realized collision of traditional Maghrebi music, European jazz and a lively slab of dirty, visceral rock.

Wolfgang Muthspiel Dhafer Youssef ظافر يوسف

Glow inhabits similar territory, but with a broader, and perhaps deeper, emotional range. In large part this is down to Youssef’s singing, which Muthspiel, as producer, has coaxed to new expressive peaks. At times Youssef’s voice achieves the ecstatic intensity of the late Pakistani qawwali master Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, at others it suggests the winsome vulnerability of the late electric troubadour Jeff Buckley. He sounds by turns beatific and scary, caressing and chilling, alternating lustrous tenor passages with tortured, almost weeping, falsetto. It’s an extraordinary performance.

Extraordinary, too, is the instrumental content and, again, comparisons with Electric Sufi are pertinent. The earlier album was recorded by a nine-piece, the new one by a quintet. The smaller line-up retains a trumpeter, with Tom Harrell replacing Markus Stockhausen, but makes more of the interaction between Youssef and Muthspiel. Both have an exquisite gift for melody, and an understanding of the power of silence, and both place every note with precision. It’s a commonplace to say such and such a musician “makes every note count,” but Muthspiel, in particular, really does.

Glow uses electronic wizardry with a lighter touch than its predecessor, though textural post-production continues to be a feature of Muthspiel’s work. Alegre Correa replaces drummers Mino Cinelu and Will Calhoun, and works in intimate partnership with the young bassist Matthias Pichler (who debuted so brilliantly on Bright Side).

Some music has the ability to condense time, a smaller proportion stretches it. Glow, its every bar a micro-world of eventful creation, is amongst the latter.

Dhafer Youssef: voice, oud.
Wolfgang Muthspiel
: guitars, violin, programming.
Fender Rhodes
Tom Harrell: trumpet, flugelhorn.
Matthias Pichler: bass.
Alegre Correa
: drums, percussion.
Rebekka Bakken
: voice (9).

Track List:
1 – Mon Parfum (02:58)
2 – Babylon (06:00)
3 – Sand Dance (04:47)
4 – Mein Versprechen (06:55)
5 – Etude #3 (05:06)
6 – Lamento (03:31)
7 – Maya (05:10)
8 – Emmerich (05:34)
9 – Cosmology (06:01)
10 – Rhapsodie (03:34)

Duration: 49:36 | Bitrate: 320 kBit/s | Year: 2007 | Size: 118 mb

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Naseer Shamma - 1999 - The Moon Fades نصير شمه – رحيل القمر

ولد نصير شمه في مدينة الكوت بالعراق عام 1963، أكمل دراسته الجامعية في معهد الدراسات الموسيقية في بغداد عام 1987. بعدها أصبح تخصصه هو العزف على آلة العود، يعدّ نصير شمه واحداً من أبرز الموسيقيين العرب الذين برزوا بجدارة مع نهاية القرن العشرين، واستطاعوا أن يدخلوا القرن الواحد والعشرين بخطوات راسخة تستند على منجز تراكمي ونوعي من التأليف الموسيقي المنفرد، حصل نصير شمه على العديد من الجوائز التقديرية والتكريمية وقدم العديد من العروض الموسيقية في العديد من دول العالم. يعمل الفنان نصير شمه حالياً أستاذاً للعود بدار الأوبرا المصرية في مشروع أسسه نصير مع الأوبرا لخلق مواصفات للعازف المنفرد (بيت العود العربي). كما وأسس فرقة عيون لموسيقى التخت العربي في القاهرة.

نصير شمه
نصير شمه في سطور:
* موسيقي من العراق استلهم من الحضارة القديمة وهموم وطنه قطعه الموسيقية.
* عزف على عوده (إشراقة أمل) و (قصة حب شرقية) والكثير من الأعمال المهمة.
* حلم مريم كانت بمثابة رسالة دبلوماسية عن معاناة أطفال العراق.
* حوّل خمسة قصائد من شعر محمود درويش إلى قطع موسيقية.
* تعاون مع المخرج التونسي المنصف السويسي في مسرحية (البلاد طلبت أهلها) عام 1988 .
* معزوفته (العامرية) تحولت إلى أعمال مسرحية وباليه وأفلام وثائقية وروائية ولوحات تشكيلية .
* يعد نصير شمه واحداً من أبرز الموسيقيين العرب الذين برزوا بجدارة مع نهاية القرن العشرين، واستطاعوا أن يدخلوا القرن الواحد والعشرين بخطوات راسخة تستند على منجز تراكمي ونوعي من التأليف الموسيقي المنفرد. يعمل الفنان نصير شمه حالياً أستاذاً للعود بدار الأوبرا المصرية في مشروع أسسه نصير مع الأوبرا لخلق مواصفات للعازف المنفرد (بيت العود العربي).
* أسس فرقة عيون لموسيقى التخت العربي في القاهرة.
* حصل على العديد من الجوائز التقديرية والتكريمية وقدم العديد من العروض الموسيقية في العديد من دول العالم

Track List:
1 – The Moon Fades
رحيل القمر
2 – An Eastern Love Story
قصة حب شرقية
3 – Tender Breeze
نسمات عذبة
4 – From Assyria to Seville
من أشور إلى اشبيلية
5 – Bagdad Night
ليل بغداد
6 – Birds Love
حب العصافير
7 – Happened At Al-Amiriyya
حدث في العامرية

Duration: 57:57 | Bitrate: 192 kBit/s | Year: 1999 | Size: 85 mb

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Hewar - 2007 - 9 Days of Solitude, The Damascus Session حوار – 9 أيام من العزلة ,جلسة دمشق

The musicians of the group Hewar, who pursue their careers in different continents, have taken “9 days of solitude” off their busy schedules to record this new piece of work, thus pursuing their musical dialogue between oud, clarinet and voice, and inviting accordionist Manfred Leuchter from Germany and other talented musicians to participate in the experiment. The result is an album that is entirely marginal, fresh and spontaneous, and blends the varied personal influences and styles of the musicians.

The band includes clarinet player Kinan Azmeh, Oud soloist Issam Rafea, and lyrical Soprano Dima Orsho, all of whom are alumni of the Syrian National Orchestra. They live in various parts of the world, however, which enhances the band’s cultural medley of influences and musical tastes.
Hewar released their first album in 2005 in Beirut and Damascus; it was produced by Incognito. The latter also released the band’s next album, ‘9 Days of Solitude’, in 2007; it was recorded in collaboration with three distinguished musical guests: Manfred Leuchter, Steffen Thormahlen and Antoine Puetz.

Featuring: Kinan Azmeh – Clarinet | Issam Rafea – Oud, Vocals | Dima Orsho – Vocals | Badi Rafea – Percussions | Manfred Leuchter – Accordion | Antoine Pütz – Bass | Steffen Thormählen – Drums
Music: Kinan Azmeh (1,5,6,10) | Issam Rafea (2,3) | Manfred Leuchter (4,7) | Antoine Putz (8) | Dima Orsho (9)

1 –  Wedding (عرس (05:24
2 –  Zar (زار (04:50
3 –  4 Days Later (بعد 4 أيام (08:45
4 –  Arabesque (أرابيسك (08:07
5 –  Airports (مطارات (07:48
6 –  Love on 139th Street in D (حب على شارع 139 في دي (06:33
7 –  Monterosa (مونتيروزا (03:47
8 –  Neyanana (نيانانا (06:16
9 –  Viva el Chechenia (فيفا ال تشيتشينيا (07:33
10 –  Truth in Mirror (حقيقة في مرآة (06:54

Duration : 65:75 | Bitarte : 192 kBit/s | Year : 2007 | Size : 94 mb

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Andre Msane - 2004 - Souffle d'Orient أندره مسن – 2004 – نسيم الشرق

André Msane, oud
Born in 1974
BA in Musicology from Saint-Esprit University, Kaslik (Lebanon)
Diploma on the oud from the Higher National Conservatory of Music, Beirut
Runner-up in the oud category of the Studio al-Fann competition in 1992
Teacher at the Conservatory since 1998
André Msane’s break came in 1992, when he was just 18, through the famed Studio El- Fann talent show, in which he underlined his talents as faithful interpreter of the ancient musical tradition of the oriental maqams (learned through the teaching of the master, Georges Farah). Msane aims to bring innovation to his practice of the oud while remaining faithful to the spirit of improvisation and variation that is the essence of oriental music. Deeply steeped in the popular repertory of Lebanon’s different regions – from dabke dances to musical styles ranging from ataba to mijana, an expertise hat has enabled him to accompany the legendary singer Wadi el-Safi – his training in musicology at Kaslik University (whose reputation in the domain of Oriental music needs no introduction) further developed a deep understanding of the Syriac modes of the Maronite liturgical tradition. His training was crowned by two concerts with the Kaslik Choir at the Vatican, under the celebrated director Louis Hajje. Msane is the only graduate in musicology to have chosen to specialize on the oud at Beirut’s Higher National Conservatory of Music, where he now teaches. His talents have been on displ y for several years now in numerous recordings, whether accompanied or in his own compositions.

Andre Msane أندره مسن

André Msane, oud
Joseph Karam, nay
David Abou Atmeh, qanoun
Patrick Msane, percussions
Jihad Harfouche, basse
David Estefan, daff

Track List:
1 – Tahiyya (تحية (03:28
2 – ‘Abir (عبير (04:37
3 – 86/100 (04:17)
4 – Ghunj (غنج (04:19
5 – Hurub (هروب (06:12
6 – Longa Bayati (لونغا بياتي (03:53
7 – ‘Achiq (عاشق (02:55
8 – La Tabki (لا تبك (06:13
9 – Nassim Al-Chark (نسيم الشرق (12:41

Duration: 48:35 | Bitrate: 192 kBit/s | Year: 2004 | Size: 71 mb

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