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Adnan Joubran - Borders Behind  عدنان جبران – خلف الحدود

Adnan Joubran, an oud player and composer, born on 9th November, 1985 into a family with a deep rooted passion for music and oud making. His father, Hatem Joubran, a luthier (oud maker) his mother, Ibtisam, along with his sister Suha are all talented singers in their own respect. At the age of 18 Adnan joined his two elder brothers, the Oud players, Samir and Wissam Joubran, to form the first oud trio in the world, known today as Le Trio Joubran, whose debut performance was in 2004 at Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

Since this debut performance, Adnan has travelled the world performing in various renown festivals, theaters and music halls. At the age of 23 he perfomed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall (NYC) and at 27, Olympia (Paris), passing by Radio City Hall (NYC), Salle Pleyel (Paris) and Theatre de Champs Elysees (Paris), to name a few of the many infamous music halls they have played in around the world.

Adnan’s albums with the Trio (Majaz and Asfar), have won numerous prizes and awards. They have been chosen to compose music for award winning and Oscar nominated documentaries and films such as Le Dernier Vol by Karim dridi, starring Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet. Adieu Gary by Nassim Amaouche, starring Jean Pierre Bakri, which won best Music for Films award in Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF 2011). The Last Friday by Yahya al Abdallah, which also won best Music for Films award in DIFF (2012) and finally the infamous Oscar Nominated Five Broken Cameras (2013). They have topped the World Music charts in France with a Number 1 Album and have been privileged to collaborate with many artists such as the late Mahmoud Darwish, Chkrr and Dhafer Youssef. Adnan has also featured as a guest for Ibrahim Maalouf and Rodrigo & Gabriela and created the show Eko Du Oud with the French juggler Vincent Berhaut.

After 10 years of Parisian life, Adnan has created his own musical identity alongside his ongoing project with the Trio. Whilst respecting the traditional way of playing the oud he has followed his passion desire to propose something different and new. With these experiences and challenges, Adnan has created his debut solo album, Boarders Behind, expressing through music, his new identity of compositions, rhythms, virtuosity and feelings.

Adnan Joubran عدنان جبران

Behind Borders is Adnan’s debut solo album. It is the fruit of two years of work on individual compositions and experiments, in which a new musical identity based on traditional oriental music mixed with other cultures such as Indian, Flamenco, Jazz and Classical music is born.

For his debut album, Adnan’s oud virtuosity has been excelled by his collaborations with Prabhu Edouard, who brings the essence of India with his delicate touch on the tables. Valentin Mussou on the cello, who adds the sense of Jazz and Classical music. Cajon and Palmas played by Javier Sanchez accenting the Flamenco passionate rhythms. And finally, inviting the legendary Flamenco flute and saxaphone player, Jorge Pardo, who made a remarkable career and finger print with Paco De Lucia.  With this fine array of musical diversity, Adnan Joubran flies beyond the borders of these cultures and traditions.

you can buy the album here, or buy a digital copy from here.


  1. Borders Behind (03:34)
  2. Signs Of Madness (05:08)
  3. That Moment When (04:13)
  4. Never Been There (03:38)
  5. My Way Home (05:59)
  6. La Danse De La Veuve (06:05)
  7. I Wish I Were A Tree (04:33)
  8. Beat The Dream (03:37)
  9. Mientras Espero (05:29)

Duration : 42:16 | Bitrate : 320 Kbit/s | Year : 2014 | Size : 95 mb

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Le Trio Joubran - 2012 - A l'ombre des mots

في ظل الكلام: حلم طويل لا ينتهي! على ذلك المسرح.. استعادت كل الأشياء نبضها، لا شيء مفتعل، توحدٌ تام مع الذاكرة التي تحرس الحلم. لم تكن كأي مرة.. ذات الموسيقى ربما، ولكن هذه المرة بجرعة ألم زائدة، لا حد للموسيقى، لا حواجز، تتعالى بهم موسيقاهم إلى أقصى حالات النشوة.. ثم تسكن فجأة، رحمةً منهم لأرواحهم المهاجرة، ولذاك الجسد المثقل بعبء الذكرى؛ ذكرى من قاسموه أجمل موسيقى.. وقاسمهم شعره، ليصبحوا بعد ذلك جسداً واحداً. عندما يعيدون عزف موسيقاهم بصحبة الشعر،ينصت كل الوجود لتعبهم الذي لا يزول، ويدخل المرء لحالة من العجز التام، عجز عن التعبير، عن الحراك، ويرتعش البدن من وطأة نبرة درويش ورنة العود المتعِّبة. أسماء المقطوعات الجديدة: سراب، فراديس، وليتـك؛ تلك التي يبدؤون بها حلمهم الطويل. هي وإن إنتهت لا تنتهي، لا تزول.. لأنها تحمل ذكرى شاعر أحب الأرض، واستحقت لأجله الحياة. أما “سراب” التي يبدؤ معها السفر، لا تلبث أن تقتلك بمراحلها الأربعة مع حساب الصمت؛ يبدؤها سمير، يكملها وسام بالنوح المعتق، ويتعالى بنوحه ليجتمع الثلاثة في عزفه، فتصل لذروتها ثم تهدؤ هدوءاً رحيماً قبل أن تنفجر بصحبة عدنان ليستعيد كل الذاكرة في ثوانٍ.. وبعدها، ترجع الأعواد الثلاثة لتتحاور بهدوء، كأنها تعبت من المشي خلف سرابها البعيد.

تتحايل الموسيقى على الشعر، تتيح له الفراغ لتخصب الروح تارةً، وتنتزع منه كلامه تارةً أخرى كي “تسيّج هذا الرحيل”، تهدؤ حين يهدأ، وتعلو حينما يعلو، تقاسمه الحياة برديفها، وبتناصها المتكرر تعيد كتابتها بكل فصل من فصولها. وحينما ينتهي، يترك لها حيزاً لتعيش ذروة جنونها وارتجالها وحوارها الأبدي الذي لا ينتهي.. تلك هي فراديس



  • Samir Joubran, oud
  • Wissam Joubran, oud
  • Adnan Joubran, oud
  • Youssef Hbeisch, percussions
  • feat. Mahmoud Darwich, voice


  1. Asfar
  2. Masar
  3. Shajan
  4. Zawaj El Yamam
  5. Faraadees
  6. Sama-Sounounou
  7. Saraab + Safar
  8. Sama Cordoba

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