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Youmna Saba - 2008 - Min Aafesh el Beit يمنى سابا – من عفش البيت

Youmna Saba is a mature siren of lilting melodies. Pairing her visceral command of acoustic and melancholy vocals with traditional Arabic stringed oud and luscious maqam singing style, Youmna experiments with unconventional prepared techniques and the use of non-musical objects in her recordings.

While in Beirut to pursue graphic design, Youmna made her performance debut one fateful evening at a friend’s art show. This informal, fortuitous invitation revealed her budding musical talent and catapulted Youmna’s career in a new direction. She soon circled back to the world of education to build a classical Arab repertoire of the 19th and 20th century. In just a few short years, the singer-songwriter has stepped into her own, enraptured by the rich music of her lineage. She has released two EPs of her own stunning material.

For Youmna, songwriting has become like a diary, an unconscious natural extension of daily life. Her elaborate knowledge of ancient music traditions, pensive emotionality, and delicate pop sensibilities make her music both intoxicating and sympathetic.

youmna saba يمنى سابا


  1. Ghanniyet El Jarra (غنيّة الجرّة (02:12
  2. Ana Natra (أنا ناطرة (05:41
  3. Fala Tahremni (فلا تحرمني (03:28
  4. El hal (الحلّ (03:27
  5. Ismak (اسمَك (02:41
  6. Marra (مرّة (01:35

Duration : 19:04 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2008 | Size : 44 mb

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Khaled Mouzanar - Et Maintenant On Va Où خالد مزنر– وهلأ لوين

Khaled Mouzanar is a Lebanese musician. His music has gained much popularity since he composed the soundtrack for Nadine Labaki’s Caramel. His musical style melds Arabic music (ney, kanun, violin, and percussion) with classical and tango influences, He has compose numerous music films (Beirut After Shave, Sekkar Banet, Caramel) before embarking in 2007 in writing his first solo album, “Champs Arides “.

Mouzanar started music very young alongside the great Armenian composer, Boghos Gelalian. Like many of his friends are fond of the cinema and make films, he composed the music and he learns to link sounds and pictures.
His musical influences are so intimately related to the 7th art, since, although he grew up listening to the compositions of Bach, he readily admits having had a real shock artistic immersing himself airs of Strauss in the film by Stanley Kubrick “l’Odyssé de l’ espace. ” His inspiration is so tinged with Western trends despite the frequent use of typical instruments of Lebanon, especially in the city where he composes his music, Beirut.

To live his passion for music, he began working for advertising clips. His first professional experience outside the pub turns out to be a short film by Hany Tamba “After Shave”, whose music was nominated for the festival of Lutin Short Film. This is an opportunity for him to make his first teeth, while revealing his method as a composer for films. He works his themes, not images, but once assembled directly from the script.

Khaled Mouzanar خالد مزنر

Mouzanar will then rub with a feature film with director Nadine Labaki, in the film “Caramel.” His work takes as its basic Italian melodies (Morricone, Rota) as well as Lebanese Fairuz. His compositions also flirts with the tango through a thorough analysis of Astor Piazzolla, a composer who saw to make the tango universal and classic.

Finally comes the time of his solo album, entitled “Champs arides”, written in French and edited by Naïve. For this opus, Mouzanar states won by allowing himself to the influences of folk, “song writing” and, inevitably, paid tribute to singers such as Gainsbourg. He said also inspired by the city of Paris. For him, “Paris is literature, cinema. Paris is a kind of fantasy.However, Paris does not inspire him when it is actually far from it, since it is in Beirut that he composes his songs

Et maintenant on va où? وهلأ لوين on IMDb

Khaled Mouzanar خالد مزنر on Facebook

Coaching Chant : Tania Saleh


  1. Danse Funèbre (Solo: Rasha Rizk) (03:15)
  2. La Grande Marche (01:49)
  3. Kifou Hal Helou (02:51)
  4. Machkal (02:58)
  5. Yimkin Law (03:18)
  6. Pax Ukrania (03:16)
  7. Un Air De Liberté (02:47)
  8. Yammi (03:12)
  9. Nassim (02:37)
  10. Miracle Du Flipper (01:33)
  11. Hashishet Albi (Instrumental) (01:48)
  12. Un Air De Liberté (Guitar Version) (02:29)
  13. Kyrié Allah (03:15)
  14. Deuil De Nassim (02:26)
  15. Hashishet Albi (01:48)

Duration : 39:22 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s  | Year : 2011 | Size : 94 mb

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thanksgiving for خالد مصالحة

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Marcel Khalife – 2012 -  Fall Of The Moon مارسيل خليفة – سقوط القمر

Marcel Khalifé was born on June 10, 1950 in Amchit, Lebanon. He studied the Oud (the Arabic lute) at the Beirut National Conservatory of Music and graduated in 1971, and, ever since, has been injecting a new life into the Oud.Portrait

From 1972 to 1975, Marcel Khalifé taught at the Beirut National Conservatory of Music, public Universities and other local private music institutions. During that same period, he toured the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the United States giving solo performances on the Oud.

Oud playing was traditionally constrained by the strict techniques that governed its playing. Highly talented and skillful musicians such as Marcel Khalifé were, however, able to free the instrument from those constraints and thus greatly expanding its possibilities.

In 1972, Marcel Khalifé created a musical group in his native village, Amchit, with the goal of reviving its musical heritage and the Arabic chorale. The first performances took place in Lebanon. 1976 saw the birth of Marcel Khalifé’s Al Mayadine Ensemble. Enriched by the previous ensemble’s musical experiences, Al Mayadine’s notoriety went well beyond Lebanon. Accompanied by his musical ensemble, Marcel Khalifé began a lifelong far-reaching musical journey, performing in Arab countries, Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, and Japan.

Marcel Khalifé’s compositions have been performed by several orchestras, notably the Kiev Symphony Orchestra, the Academy of Boulogne Billancourt Orchestra, The San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra of the city of Tunis, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra and the “Absolute Ensemble”.

Since 1982, Marcel Khalifé has been writing books on music that reflect his avant garde compositions and the maturity of his experience. He published Al Samaa, a collection of compositions for various traditional Arab musical instruments (1981), a six part methodology for the study of the Oud (1982), and Arabic Music-Theory and Practice (French Edition, 1984), Jadal oud Duo (1996), OUD (1997), Andalusian Suite for oud and Orchestra (2002).

His challenges, however, are not only musical in character. Interpreter of music and Oud performer, he is also a composer who is deeply attached to the text on which he relies. In his association with great contemporary Arab poets, particularly Palestinian poet par excellence, Mahmoud Darwish, he seeks to renew the character of the Arabic song, to break its stereotypes, and to advance the culture of the society that surrounds it.

Marcel Khalifé’s lyrical and instrumental recordings add up to more than 20 albums and DVDs, Promises of the storm (1976), Rain Songs (1977), Where from, do I Enter the Homeland? (1978), Weddings (1979), At the Borders (1979), Stripped Bare (1980), Happiness (1981), The Bridge (1983), Collections – 3 Albums (1984), Dreamy Sunrise (1984), Ahmad Al Arabi (1984), Peace Be With you (1989), Ode To A Homeland (1990), Arabic Coffeepot (1995), Jadal Oud Duo (1996), Magic Carpet (1998), Concerto Al Andalus (2002), Caress (2004), Voyageur DVD (2004), Taqasim (2007), Sharq CD & DVD (2007).

On his journey, Marcel Khalifé invents and creates original music, a novel world of sounds, freed of all pre-established rules. This language elevates him to the level of an ambassador of his own culture and to the vanguard of Arabic music in search of innovators.


Marcel Khalifé: composer, oud, vocals
Mahmoud Darwish: poetry

Oumaima Khalil
: vocals
Yolla Khalife: vocals
Rami Khalife: piano
Bachar Khalife: percussion
Peter Herbert: double bass
Mark Helias: double bass
Ismail Lumanovski: clarinet
Anthony Millet: accordian
Fabio Presgrave: cello
Mahmoud Tourkmani: guitar

TrackList :

  1. The Pigeons Fly (09:43) يطير الحمام
  2. And We Love Life (07:50) ونحن نحب الحياة
  3. The Stranger’s Bed (Instrumental) (04:52) سرير الغريبة
  4. Oh, My Proud Wound (03:43) آه ياجرحي المكابر
  5. Mohammad (09:05) محمّد
  6. Houriyeh’s Instructions (13:11) تعاليم حوريّة
  7. Jahar Kah (Instrumental) (02:13) جهاركاه
  8. Now, In Exile (12:16) الآن في المنفى
  9. Two Guitars (Instrumental) (05:40) غيثارتان
  10. Fall Of The Moon (Instrumental) (07:26) سقوط القمر
  11. A Song On My Mind (05:02) في البال أغنية
  12. Remember (01:58) تذّكر
  13. Her Eyes (07:39) عيناها
  14. The Poem Of The Land (03:58) قصيدة الأرض
  15. Waltz For Rita’s Winter (Instrumental) (08:42) فالس لشتاء ريتا
  16. Palestinian Mawwal (04:32) موال فلسطيني
  17. The Most Beautiful Love (06:49) أجمل حب
  18. In Damascus (04:28) في دمشق

Duration : 118:58 | Bitarte : 128 kBit/s  | Year : 2012 | Size : 114 mb

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Nasri Shamseddine – Tribute نصري شمس الدين - تحية

نصري شمس الدين : مغني مسرحي لبناني عريق. ترك ما يقارب الخمسمائة أعنية بين موال ودبكات وأغنيات عاطفية ووطنية وثنائيات. كما ظهر في جميع اعمال الرحابنة المسرحية والسينمائية والتلفزيونية بالإضافة إلى الاسكتشات الاذاعية. تميز نصري شمس الدين بصوت رائع لا مثيل له إضافة لخفة دمه وروحه المرحة وهو يعتبر بحق عملاق من عمالقة الفن في لبنان.

ولد نصر الدين مصطفى شمس الدين في بلده جون في العام 1927. عمل في بداية حياته في مصر ثم عاد إلى لبنان فتعرف على الأخوين رحباني لينطلق معهم في مسرحياتهم وأغانيهم بدءاً من عام 1961 وحتى 1978. وهم الذين أطلقوا عليه اسم نصري شمس الدين.

يعد نصري شمس الدين إضافة إلى وديع الصافي حجري الأساس لما يسمى الآن بالأغنية الجبلية اللبنانية اهتدت الأجيال بهما فيما بعد.
ظهر نصري شمس الدين في أغلب مسرحيات الأخوين رحباني بأدوار متعددة ومتنوعة اشتهر فيها بزيه اللبناني الأصلي وبالطربوش .كانت آخر أعماله مع الأخوين رحباني في مسرحية بترا في عام 1978 بدور الوزير ربال ويبدو أن التوافق مع الأخوين رحباني انتهى بنهاية هذه المسرحية، حيث ظهر نصري شمس الدين ولأول مره في حياته كمطرب مستقل على أسطوانات وكاسيتات بما عرف بالبوم (الطربوش) ضمن مجموعة من الأغاني من ألحان ملحم بركات.
توفي نصري شمس الدين وهو على المسرح في عام 1983، وفي يوم تشييع الراحل نصري كانت أصوات المآذن تصدح وأجراس الكنائس تقرع في آن واحد معلنة حزنها لفراق هذا الإنسان العظيم.

مَن يُحيي نصري… بعد 25 عاماً على رحيله – الأخبار

Track List:

  1. Kif Halhoun (كيف حالهن (03:22
  2. Mnetza’al Ou Mnerda (منتزاعل ومنرضى (03:42
  3. Ala Ain El May Ya Samra (على عين المية يا سمرا (02:35
  4. Ya Marek Al Tawahine (يامارق عالطواحين (02:43
  5. Ze’let Halime (زعلت حليمة (02:57
  6. Men Koul Khlessna (منقول خلصنا (02:34
  7. Chefta Ou Jannayt (شفتا وجنيت (01:59
  8. Rakastek Bil Id (رقصتك بالعيد (03:29
  9. Koltelha (قلتلها (04:35
  10. Eddouli Ya Jama’a (عدولي ياجماعة (06:48
  11. Sh’hade Ya Byout (اشهدي يا بيوت (03:09
  12. Rah’l Chahr Ou Tal’l Chahr (راح الشهر وطل الشهر (03:04
  13. Ya Helwe Aal Jesr (ياحلوة عالجسر (02:40
  14. Nater Ana Nater (ناطر أنا ناطر (01:10
  15. Ala Dalouna (على دلعونة (01:51
  16. Al Hob El Hob (عالهوب الهوب (02:15
  17. Laylet El Mahatta (ليلة المحطة (02:21
  18. Barad El Taks (برد الطقس (01:58
  19. Jayyine Men Blad El Gherbe (جايين من بلاد الغربة (06:12
  20. Tes’al Anni (تسأل عني (02:51
  21. Hala Ya Layla (هلا ياليلى (02:36
  22. Al Dafater (الدفاتر (04:54
  23. Ala Wastek Leffe Mandilek (03:43) (على وسطـك لفي منديلك (تسلملي رنة خلخالك

Duration : 74:16 | Bitarte : 128 kBit/s | Year : 1962 – 1980 | Size : 69 mb

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Andre Msane - 2004 - Souffle d'Orient أندره مسن – 2004 – نسيم الشرق

André Msane, oud
Born in 1974
BA in Musicology from Saint-Esprit University, Kaslik (Lebanon)
Diploma on the oud from the Higher National Conservatory of Music, Beirut
Runner-up in the oud category of the Studio al-Fann competition in 1992
Teacher at the Conservatory since 1998
André Msane’s break came in 1992, when he was just 18, through the famed Studio El- Fann talent show, in which he underlined his talents as faithful interpreter of the ancient musical tradition of the oriental maqams (learned through the teaching of the master, Georges Farah). Msane aims to bring innovation to his practice of the oud while remaining faithful to the spirit of improvisation and variation that is the essence of oriental music. Deeply steeped in the popular repertory of Lebanon’s different regions – from dabke dances to musical styles ranging from ataba to mijana, an expertise hat has enabled him to accompany the legendary singer Wadi el-Safi – his training in musicology at Kaslik University (whose reputation in the domain of Oriental music needs no introduction) further developed a deep understanding of the Syriac modes of the Maronite liturgical tradition. His training was crowned by two concerts with the Kaslik Choir at the Vatican, under the celebrated director Louis Hajje. Msane is the only graduate in musicology to have chosen to specialize on the oud at Beirut’s Higher National Conservatory of Music, where he now teaches. His talents have been on displ y for several years now in numerous recordings, whether accompanied or in his own compositions.

Andre Msane أندره مسن

André Msane, oud
Joseph Karam, nay
David Abou Atmeh, qanoun
Patrick Msane, percussions
Jihad Harfouche, basse
David Estefan, daff

Track List:
1 – Tahiyya (تحية (03:28
2 – ‘Abir (عبير (04:37
3 – 86/100 (04:17)
4 – Ghunj (غنج (04:19
5 – Hurub (هروب (06:12
6 – Longa Bayati (لونغا بياتي (03:53
7 – ‘Achiq (عاشق (02:55
8 – La Tabki (لا تبك (06:13
9 – Nassim Al-Chark (نسيم الشرق (12:41

Duration: 48:35 | Bitrate: 192 kBit/s | Year: 2004 | Size: 71 mb

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