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Luay Rifai – 2009 – Vital

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Luay Rifai - 2009 - Vital

Born in the world’s oldest capital city of Damascus – Syria on August 13th 1982, Luay Rifai’s self-taught approach to the instrument of electric guitar, revealed high dexterity in original and cunning playing, bringing together his diverse passionate melodic licks and rhythms along with remarkable over the top shred-ability, emerging him as an outstanding upmost instrumental rock guitar virtuoso. Throughout the years, Luay Rifai has been part of numerous genre-specific online communities, participating in various collaboration projects with independent musicians around the globe.
Being a medical doctor further contributed his mind-set and very detail-oriented demeanor of always willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect take & feel he’s looking for. Coordinating both, music & medicine, reflects his well-rounded personality, as he thrives to establish where those two worlds collide.

Luay Rifai لؤي رفاعي

New album release is due (March 6th 2009); “Vital” is a concept album in the style of instrumental rock guitar, the album includes the track “Vital”; 36 min long concept instrumental piece split into 7 tracks, in addition to 5 stand-alone tracks.

The concept revolves around the miracle of being alive. A truly pulsating and dynamic, vibrant entity that is full of life, breathing, beating, with vivacious energy.
The dialogue is on how merely having organic material as it is will not be sufficient to manifest life, it requires something very “Vital” which is the non-organic “essence” or soul that runs through to connect all the different portions essential for the persistence of life. It’s the search between body & soul.
The musical counterpart to the concept is interpreted as the song being divided into several movements, each representing a fundamental element of a living entity. In addition to the “essence of living” which is signified by the main theme; a melodic run played in different modes, recurring in each separate component of the entire instrumental. Without the essence, every other part is only organic and devoid of life. Yet still, if it isn’t for each of the single organic constituents in every section, this very essence of living will also be lost.
The essence of living is thriving to unite with the body throughout the whole track; it emerges frequently as the melodic theme in various shapes in attempts to join different organs together. Although tough at first with seemingly distant parallel alignment, by the finale they form one in harmony, denoting in totality the vital existence of the miracle of living.

Track List:
1 –  Vital I-Nucleus (04:14)
2 –  Vital II-Circulation (06:05)
3 –  Vital III-Pulse (04:24)
4 –  Vital IV-Intelligence (08:06)
5 –  Vital Vl-Breath (02:50)
6 –  Vital VI-Sentiment (04:48)
7 –  Vital VII-Essence (05:32)
8 –  Faithful Spirits (05:02)
9 –  Prelude For Glenn Gould (05:32)
10 –  Voodoo Frenzy (05:03)
11 –  Bloodshed (04:20)
12 –  Of Cold Dreams and A Mirror (10:27)

Duration: 68:20 | Bitrate: 320 kBit/s | Year: 2009 | Size: 166 mb

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May Nasr - 2008 - Lil Ghaly مي نصر - للغالي

May Nasr: Lebanese by origin, a citizen of the Middle East and the World
Driven by two missions in life; her vocation as a microfinance consultant for the development of women entrepreneurs, and her passion for singing accompanied by her guitar. May was determined to realize her dream of shaping her path through merging both missions together.
Influenced by the songs of the great Fayrouz, Zaki Nassif, Ahmad Kaabour, Marcel Khalifeh, Julia Boutros, and other dedicated artists of the same style and mission in music, May began performing and playing those songs amongst her family and friends. Over the years, her circle of listeners became wider reaching out to the Middle East and the world, leading her to a stage where it was time to produce her own work.

While searching for sincere guidance to help enrich her musical talent and experience, May met the great sound engineer, Mr. Farid Abul Kheir, who took her under his wings. Mr. Abul Kheir, who played the role of May’s spiritual father, lead her to his lifetime friend, the great musician Mr. Zaki Nassif, who stepped out of retirement to give May voice training lessons and later became her guide in music. Following the passing of Mr. Nassif, May continued her voice training lessons with Mrs. Badia Sabra Haddad, former voice teacher of Fayrouz.

May sings for her people, their charisma, pride and great civilization, carrying a message of peace and hope, prompting her fellow citizens to stand against immigration from their country and to hold on to their land. Her aim through the song is to play the role of presenting to the world her country’s great culture through highlighting some its of most precious traits: the beauty of her people, their love, generosity, and above all, their long struggle to maintain peace in the midst of their one country.
In November 2008, and through remarkable support from her friends and family, May launched her first CD, “Lil Ghaly”, which she has gradually worked on producing throughout the last ten years.
Her double-mission journey continues…!

May Nasr مي نصر

مي نصر: لبنانية الأصل، موطنها الشرق الأوسط والعالم.
تدفعها رسالتان في الحياة؛ مهنتها كاستشارية في تدريب برامج القروض الصغرى للنساء صاحبات المشاريع الصغيرة المنتجة، وشغفها في الغناء بمرافقة قيثارتها. عزمت مي نصر على تحقيق حلمها في رسم درب حياتها من خلال الدمج بين تلك الرسالتين.

متأثرةً بأغاني السيدة فيروز، زكي ناصيف، أحمد قعبور، مارسيل خليفة، جوليا بطرس، وغيرهم من الفنانين الملتزمين الذين ينتمون إلى نفس الأسلوب والرسالة، بدأت ميّ بتأدية وعزف تلك الأغاني بين أهلها وأصدقائها. ومع مرور السنين، أخذت دائرة مستمعيها بالتوسّع على مستوى الشرق الأوسط والعالم لتصل بها إلى مرحلة وجوب إصدار عمل خاص بها.

تعرّفت على مهندس الصوت الكبير الاستاذ فريد أبو الخير، الذي تبنّاها موسيقياً، فقادها إلى رفيق دربه الموسيقار الكبير الاستاذ زكي ناصيف، الذي خرج عن تقاعده ليدرّبها ويصبح فيما بعد مرشدها الموسيقي. بعد وفاة الاستاذ ناصيف، تابعت ميّ تمارينها الصوتية بقيادة الاستاذة الكبيرة بديعة صبرا حداد، استاذة السيدة فيروز سابقاً.

تغنّي ميّ حبّ شعبها، عنفوانه وكبريائه، وحضارته، حاملةً رسالة السلام والأمل تحثّ من خلالها أبنائه على الوقوف في وجه الاغتراب عن بلادهم والتمسّك بارضهم. هدفها من خلال الأغنية هو لعب دور في الإظهار للعالم ثقافة وحضارة بلادها من خلال إبراز أثمن مزاياها: جمال شعبها، حبّهم، كرمهم، وفوق كل شيء، سعيهم الطويل لتحقيق السلام في ربوع وطنهم الواحد.

في تشرين الثاني ۲۰۰۸، وبدعم رائع من قبل أصدقائها وعائلتها، أصدرت ميّ ألبومها الأول “للغالي” الذي عملت عليه تدريجياً طوال السنوات العشرة السابقة.
ويستمرّ مشوارها مزدوج الرسالة..!

Track List:
1 –  To The Loved One .. 1997 (للغالي (03:19
2 –  Searching For The Moon (ما تسألي (03:48
3 –  We Defy Darkness (نصارع الظلام (05:19
4 –  The Forgotten Cause (القضية المنسية (03:37
5 –  Caminaré (معكن بمشي (04:09
6 –  Najwa’s House (بيتك يا نجوى (05:27
7 –  The Sea (قصيدة البحر (02:30
8 –  No, Don’t Come Back (ماترجع (04:16
9 –  Salt & Suger (ملح وسكر (03:26
10 –  The Road (الطريق (02:53
11 –  Never By Force (مش بالقوة (03:00

Duration : 41:41 | Bitarte : 320 kBit/s | Year : 2008 | Size : 110 mb

Download from Mediafire 4shared

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